Here’s the thing about your Batman: There are like fifty of ’em, perhaps more, depending on how picky you want to be about soft reboots and reconfigurations.  That said, nearly all of those Batmen have a Robin or six, which means that, for the purposes of a hypothetical superhero draft, you could configure a Dynamic Duo in hundreds of different ways: Burt Ward with chunky Dark Knight Batman?  Superfriends Batman with Robin 3000?  The Atomic Knight Batman from ‘The Multiversity’ and Carrie Kelly?  The choice is yours!  Please be aware that a large portion of readers are going to respond with “The originals because best!”, so let’s not all be that guy as we get to today’s caped & crusading query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants to pair up Damian Wayne with Pirate Batman from ‘Elseworlds’, mostly for aesthetic reasons, asking: If you could choose any Batman and any Robin from anywhere in pop culture, who would be the ultimate Dynamic Duo?


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  1. Batmouse, from Earth C-Minus’ Just’a Lotta Animals, teamed with Rodney, the Robin ape from the ‘Dark Future’ timeline of the The Dark Knight Dynasty.

  2. This is a tough choice, so I’m going to list my top three of each choice, each number paired with their respective matching numbers..

    1 – Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)
    2 – Green Lantern Bruce Wayne (Batman: In Darkest Knight)
    3 – Bryce Gawain, The Bat-Man (Batman Annual #20)

    1 – Dick Grayson (Young Justice TV Series)
    2 – Clark Wayne (Superman & Batman Generations)
    3 – Tengu (Robin Annual #4)

    For number 1, it seems fitting as both were from TV series and they would compliment each other well enough. What Terry lacks, Dick more than makes up for and vice versa.

    For number 2, both are powerful, with Bruce wielding the GL ring (the one that went to Hal in the main timeline) and Clark being the grandson of Superman. Clark would have a better time keeping Bruce in check than a non-powered Robin.

    For number 3, I just liked those Elseworlds incarnations. Bryce is from a dark future where Tengu is from an alternate world in an era somewhat like Feudal Japan.

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