A couple of years ago, Zack Snyder made a movie called ‘Sucker Punch,’ which was a subject of controversy among my circle of friends.  Some called it perfect and visionary, others said it was objectifying and nonsensical, with little middle ground.  For my part, I filed it under “Things I Might Want To See By Creators I Just Do NOT Trust”, a portion of my pop-culture awareness that I sometimes delve into when I’m bored.  Today, I caught just a few moments of the film on cable before moving on to watch Chevy Chase chew scenery in ‘Fletch Lives’, a decision that I’m still not sure was wrong.  I’ve been meaning to get to that movie, and will probably eventually sit down to wrassle with Snyder’s visionaryism and/or objectification to make my own determination, which leads us to today’s procrastinating query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) long had this problem with the book ‘Ready Player One’ as well, asking: Which pop-culture experiences have you been meaning to get to, but still haven’t made time for?


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  1. Game of Thrones, for starters. I don’t have HBO, and when it first came around, I figured I’d just wait for the DVDs or something and watch it then. Several years down the road, I just still haven’t gotten around to it. Doesn’t help that nobody I know owns the DVDs and I don’t have a lot of spare cash to blow on fun stuff after bills, particularly something I’m not sure if I’ll like. I WILL get to it eventually, though!

    Of more recent items, I have yet to see Jessica Jones, let alone the recently released Luke Cage. I did see Daredevil Season 1, but haven’t seen a lick of Season 2 (minus a couple of screenshots on sites). I really have no real excuse, I’ve just been procrastinating on them.

    I also haven’t played “South Park: The Stick of Truth”. I’ve owned it for many months, I just keep getting distracted by other games as well as events in online or multiplayer games I have. I honestly forget I have it sometimes, too.

    • And just as I hit post I remembered “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” (the current series, not the one from around 2001 of the same name). I saw the very first episode and then just haven’t caught it when it is on.

      Seriously, there are plenty of other things I could list ranging from movies, comics, games and TV shows, but those are the ones I consider top priority in terms of getting around to them.

  2. Couple of things that first come to mind are Daredevil season 2 and I need to get some trades and catch up with DC Rebirth.

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