Yesterday on the Twitter, a random conversation led someone to opine that The Vision was an obscure hero, even though the character was front and center in a recent Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster.  Just as an aside, I asked my Twitter followers to throw out their favorite less-recognizable characters, with responses ranging from Penance (?) to characters they themselves made up to that one time Joe Hardy went to a costume party as his favorite hero.  Even so, my curiosity wasn’t sated, which leads us to today’s nearly unheard of query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is mostly interested in seeing what constitutes “obscure” to y’all, the Faithful Spoilerites, asking: What is the most obscure hero you can think of?


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  1. Probably Birdy or Anole from the Marvel Universe. I’m not sure either of them exist in current continuity.

    One of my friends and my brother made up a crime fighting duo whose collective powers were to create the scent of lemons and untie peoples shoes. That was it, but we love hearing about their adventures anyway.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    The Horseman, the Canadian Mountie vigilante who helped out Green Arrow for a couple of issues back in the Grell run.

    I’ve probably read other, more obscure ones, but this is one I can actually remember right now.

  3. Probably Beta Ray Bill, alias Thor’s horseheaded body double.I like his backstory of “Enemy to all tyrranical gods” but to my knowledge he never started his rampage across the Marvel pantheon.

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