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  1. This one is interesting, because of the wording. “Who is the most powerful?” is a very different question from “Who is the most powerful with the force?” or “Who has the most potential for power?” The most powerful, as determined in the traditional sense, is the person who is capable of defeating the others. So obviously, as each of the Sith order killed the others on down the line, the most powerful is Darth Vader. He died much younger than the other Great Sith Lords, so he did not have the opportunity to master the force in the same ways as Sidious, Plagueis, or Bane, but his ability to physically overpower Darth Sidious in his final moments proves that he was more powerful. Poor Darth Maul, particularly with the ret-con of the expanded universe, never lived up to his potential.

  2. Bane. Not because of his power levels, but because of what he accomplished. Depending on the source (canon or previous EU “Legends” stories), he’s managed things that others have not. In the “Legends” stories, he established the “Rule of Two” and even managed to eliminate the bulk of the massive Sith armies (and a good chunk of Jedi at the same time) to achieve there being only two Sith (though he did have some help via treachery, but that is the Sith way). In canon, I believe it has been established that he still created the Rule of Two, and his teachings are still important enough that he is remembered by potential student and foe to the Sith alike (Yoda recognized who he was in Clone Wars, for example).

    Maul is still my favorite (well, from the list at least), but I think Bane is the most powerful, all things considered.

  3. Frederick Pagliarulo Jr. (a.k.a. Darth Macho) on

    I voted for Darth Vader, because Darth Sidious admitted in “Revenge of the Sith” that Darth Vader would grow to be more powerful than even himself. Vader ever really realized his true potential though, but he did stop the Emperor in the end.

  4. I voted Sidious because he (maybe) was the reason the Jedi’s ability to use the Force was diminished, and he managed to hide under the Jedi’s noses long enough to wipe them out (mostly) and establish the Empire.

  5. Jeffrey Corbello on

    Sidious. He is the master manipulator. He is the one pulling Maul’s, Vader’s and Dooku’s puppet strings. That is real power.

  6. Bane shaped the course of the Sith for generations, but Sidious shaped the course of galactic politics. I voted Sidious because he’s mastered both the power of the Dark Side and the power of ruthless diplomacy.

  7. I voted Vader because, in my mind, he was proved to be more powerful than the dark side. He lived within the dark side of the force for decades and in the end chose differently. He turned out to be the ‘chosen’ one who brought balance to the force (or we’ll soon see in episodes 8 and 9) and managed to be one of the most interesting characters in the series (even though he was a whiny git in episodes 3 and 4). :)

  8. I’m voting Darth Sidious as the most powerful. A wise man once said “Hokey religion and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster.” Darth Sidious took that logic to 11 with the Death Star. He overthrew the Republic, defeated an entire squad of Jedi masters, and threw the Senate at Yoda. Literally, he threw the Senate at the little puppet.

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