In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: Out of the kill room and up the elevator the party goes. Where it stops can only mean doom… right?

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  1. Awesome ending and cliffhanger. Good job.
    BTW, given what happened to the one cylinder that the bad guy used on Orem, I wonder what Rodrigo’s ruling would be if Orem just pushed a hand through the thing still attached.

    • The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

      I had the same thought!

      And I loved the description of the busted one dripping flowers and dandelion fluff. It’s easy to forget that Orem is made of fey magic until something really weird happens around him.

  2. The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

    Several recent things on the podcast have dealt with Sekhar’s attitude toward taking orders: Rob explaining a leader power as “rewarding Sekhar for his obedience” with extra damage, and Matthew warning him to never say that in character; Rodrigo joking that Sekhar failed on a free melee attack Ket granted him because Sekhar doesn’t like being told what to do. That, and this episode’s skills challenge, made me realize Rob doesn’t role-play the orders he gives other party members nearly as much as he used to, and I really miss it.

    I remember Ket’s introduction to the party so vividly, because having him address these characters we knew so well strictly by their last names, and bossing them around like they were soldiers in his squad, was so startling, and distinctive, and telling about who he was as a natural strategist and an unapologetic leader. And it’s something I noticed in a lot of little ways after that, like when Rob asked Adriana during a combat what Trelle’s last name was, so he knew what to bark at her in leader mode, but since it had never come up in character, he had to just call her “Trelle,” and he never sounded entirely comfortable with it.

    But it feels like these days, Rob mostly deems his orders, like he does here: “I snap orders at the two who haven’t gotten out of the line of fire yet.” That’s always been more common in skills challenges, I know, because so much of the action is described. It’s just something I’m noticing because the various jokes about Sekhar have me wondering, how DOES Ket deal with the way Sekhar constantly resists everyone else’s leadership? Especially in a combat situation where things have to move quickly? I feel like there’s a really interesting dynamic there that we aren’t fully seeing because it’s been so long since Ket’s leadership was being actively played out in character instead of suggested in combat tactics.

    • Simonsimonforyou on

      It’s an interesting observations. There have been player versus player roleplaying this season it seems, but it might be because we’re not very far in. The two other seasons were far over a hundred episodes, and we’re only on episode 52 of Legacy of Ghosts.

  3. You know Rob really missed an oppurtunity to leave it all up to Randus so Randus could just fuse himself with the locust tank

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