What we think of as traditional super-hero colors are heavily influenced by the limitations of four-color printing circa the late 1930s.  Superman’s blue and red uniform, Batman’s blue and gray, even the Hulk’s green skin are all because of what the printing presses could (or, in some cases, couldn’t) do.  Hulk was originally gray, but was visually muddy, leading to his emerald hue, while Jean Gray’s iconic Pheonix costume was intended by Dave Cockrum to be white, but was turned green to avoid colors bleeding through from the other side of the pages.  As for why so many of Marvel’s villains wear green and purple, it’s the immediate contrast to the reds and blues of traditional many a traditional super suit, leading to today’s chromatic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always leads towards red, regardless of Superman or Spider-Man, asking: What color is the best color for a heroic super suit?


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  1. While most of my favorite superheroes wear green, the color red gets a vote from me solely because it is usually the color of the leader of any given Super Sentai team, and even when the Red Ranger isn’t the “leader”, they still have a very powerful weapon, special power-ups or some other thing that sets them apart from the rest of the team. You see a red ranger, you know they are going to have some powerful trick up their sleeve sooner or later.

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