Remember the classic Batman: Animated Series episode, Almost Got ‘Im? Cryptozoic Entertainment is taking the concept of villains playing poker with Batman in disguise and turning it into a full fledged card game.

In keeping with the theme of the episode, this game uses Poker hands as a means to power up your secret role abilities in the game. Social deduction card games like Werewolf and Mafia generally allow players to use their secret role abilities each and every round. However, as experienced players know, some roles are more powerful than others. This game uses Poker hands as a way to regulate the more powerful abilities. We’re not talking competitive “hand vs. hand” Poker here, just cards you want to acquire to make a specific Poker hand to activate your ability. For example, Batman needs Two Pair to Subdue a Villain. If Batman Subdues the required number of Villains, he wins. If the Villains can figure out which one of them in Batman in Disguise and Vote him down, they win.

I can’t wait to see if there is a “I throw a rock at ‘im” card in the deck of fifty-two (52!), and the game play seems interesting enough to keep my attention for for a game or two on game night.

Round Sequence

  • Each player takes a turn in which they try to improve their hand.
  • On your turn, you may use your Character’s “Once Per Game” ability, if able and desiring to do so. (This is not your secret role.)
  • The Brains (Player #1 that round) may accuse another player of being Batman. (Skip this the first round.) If seconded, it goes to a Vote. This is how the Villains can find the Bat!
  • After Voting (or skipping the Vote), a Blackout occurs, during which players can use their secret role abilities with the help of the Dealer (moderator).

Learn more about the at Cryptozoic’s website, and be on the lookout for Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ‘Im when it arrives early in 2017. The game has a price tag of $20.00.

via Cryptozoic Entertainment


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