‘Maximum Overdrive’ is, by all quantitative measures, a terrible film.  Taking a Stephen King short story that never quite puts itself together and extending it to feature-length, it is full of scenery-chewing performances (Yeardley Smith stands out as particularly over-the-top), nonsensical plot points, and best of all an anticlimactic ending that wraps up the threat with a footnote.  Still, the visual of the giant Green Goblin head on the front of the Happy Toyz big rig is legitimately chilling, a terrifying element that seems imported from another, scarier film, leading us to today’s singular query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Spoilerites that even the worst comic book ever made contains a really cool design for the main character’s costume,  asking: What’s one good thing that  stands out as well-executed in otherwise unremarkable bits of pop culture?


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  1. There is a Dune miniseries called “Children of the Dune” if I remember correctly. Its not that great but has an amazing scene of Fremen natives going to war on sandworms.

    • I enjoy both the “Dune” and “Children of Dune” mini-series, but I must agree that “Children of Dune” was lacking. The “Dune” mini-series was very fun (and felt like a better adaptation than the original film, though being a mini-series it did have an advantage over the time constraints of a film), but I thought “Children of Dune” was a bit of a slow mess. I still enjoy it, just not nearly as much as the first.

  2. The alien members of the Corps in the otherwise lackluster live-action “Green Lantern” film. I think they did a fairly decent job creating the various non-human Lanterns, so I still enjoy watching those scenes whenever the movie gets shown on cable or late night TV.

    Same for the various Transformers in the “Transformers” live-action films. The films as a whole just unfortunately don’t keep my interest, but I still enjoy how the various Transformers are brought to life on screen visually. I know that some people don’t care for the techno-organic look and would prefer something closer to the more blocky G1 looks (not that there is anything wrong with G1 looks), but it works for me.

    And finally, the “Legendary Rangers” in the finale of “Power Rangers: Super Megaforce”, as well as the few brief cameos in earlier episodes. Shame that they couldn’t pull off something closer to Gokaiger and get more past Rangers to show up and tie things together through the series, but I was grateful to see the few that we got.

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