Ah, yes… The robot duplicate.  Superman had an army of them in his Fortress, while The Fourth Doctor’s duplicate was the spearhead of an entire Android Invasion.  Even Commander Data, who is himself an android, had an evil robo-doppelganger, which proves once and for all that there’s a fine line between high concept and dumb idea, and Next Generation parked right on top of it.  Heck, even the King Of Monsters has a mechanical tribute band by the name of Mecha-Godzilla, leading us to today’s clockwork query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) fondly remembers when cartoon Mr. T fought robot cartoon Mr. T, asking: Which robot duplicate do you remember most fondly?


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  1. Strictly in the robotic/android spectrum: the duplicate robot Buffy that Spike had made for him by the three nerds, and the good robot Bill and Ted (who are the visual inspiration behind the “bad” robot duplicates of some of my original characters, including the duplicate of one of the villains, making the robot a good guy).

    But if we’re allowed to expand this to include any artificial but still somewhat mechanical construct, the one that I like the most is the EMH Doctor from Voyager. I’m not a big fan of Voyager in general, but I absolutely loved the EMH and how he went from being basically just a program to growing into something more.

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