Teased and announced last week at GamesCom, Blizzard has now made the Eichenwald map available for players on the PTR server. Interesting moments are happening.

For those not familiar, Blizzard places characters, skins, and maps, in a special server for players to, essentially, beta test new patches to Overwatch before they release it game wide. As with most beta testing stages, things can get a little weird.

First, there is Reddit user alcatrazcgp who found the best hiding spot and defense location for the payload portion of Eichenwald.


FutonGamerz posted a video this morning showing a Reinhardt respawning in a location that gave him a view of the new map that not many will ever see.


Or, maybe everyone will be able to explore that part of the map. Punc4kefun shows us a Mercy bug that can get your whole team underneath the castle.


Now for some actual map gameplay. Check out the guys over at Overwatch Central who were at GamesCom and able to play the map for an hour.

Eichenwald along with the Reinhardt skins, Hanzo buff, competitive ranking changes and more are scheduled to release in September when a big new patch is released from Blizzard.


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