Recently, on social media, several comics pros started discussing the nature of Superman/Clark Kent and how they prefer the character to interact.  This brought up the tangential question of whether or not Jonathan and Martha Kent should be alive or dead in Superman stories which is, to me, the more important query.  I’m of an age where the Kent family has Schrödingered back and forth from both dead to both alive to one dead, with a stop along the way at “Jonathan magically transported himself through time to mess with his son’s head.”  (Because COMICS!)  Interestingly, one writer said that the Kents can be alive, unless there’s a “young Kal-El as Superboy” series, then they should be dead, leading to today’s parental query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) kind of liked when John Byrne resurrected the Kents, solely because it gave us the charming Ma & Pa from ‘Lois & Clark’, asking: Should Superman’s parents be alive or deceased in current-day Superman stories?


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  1. Both can work just fine. If we have Superman not married to Lois then I prefer them alive. Superman needs someone to talk to when he starts to lose faith in humanity or himself. If we have older, married Superman, then Lois can be that person.

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