Who is Superwoman?  The answer probably won’t surprise you, but it makes for an interesting tale…  Your Major Spoilers review of Superwoman #1 awaits!

Superwoman1CoverSUPERWOMAN #1
Writer: Phil Jiminez
Penciler: Phil Jiminez
Inker: Matt Santorelli
Colorist: Jeromy Cox
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in Superwoman: “”Who Is Superwoman?” part one! Lois Lane takes flight! Now powered up with the abilities of Superman, Lois pledges to carry on the super-legacy as Superwoman! There’s only one problem: Lois’ new powers are killing her, and neither she nor her friend and confidant Lana Lang know what to do about it. Will Lois even survive long enough to learn the deadly secret of Ultra Woman?”


A few years ago, DC Comics said that they were going to abandon the business of continuity in order to focus on telling stories regardless of where they fit.  With DC Rebirth, and Superwoman specifically, I think they have finally succeeded.  Our story opens in Smallville, where a newly super-powered Lois Lane has a proposition for Lana Lang: Help her be the hero that the fallen Superman was.  (This is, apparently, the New 52 versions of the characters, and not the Lois who is currently married to the recurrent Pre-Flashpoint Superman.  It’s only confusing if you think about it…)  In the wake of the battle between Doomsday, Superman and Lex-Luthor-cosplaying-as-Superman, Luthor is ready to dedicate his latest brainchild, a floating battleship which is totally about hope and not fear and supremacy through firepower, you guys.  When disaster strikes, though, his armor malfunctions, forcing Superwoman to reveal herself…


Or should I say, “herselves.”  It’s the first of several out-of-left-field shocking moments in the issue, and the strength of Jiminez’ art really carries it well.  Superwoman looks amazing, as does Superwoman, and the last page is perhaps the most unexpected twist since Thunderbolts #1 (assuming, of course, that it is what it seems to be.)  There are many lovely continuity bits throughout the issue that made me smile: Lana now works for The Daily Star, under editor George Taylor (references to very early Golden Age Superman), both Superwoman costumes are references to past Super-books, and bits and pieces of Lois’ story in this issue all hearken back to great Superman moments.  There’s even a “Who’s got YOU?” line that is wonderful, and it’s all tied together with Lois and Lana as protagonists, reminding me of a Silver Age Imaginary Story with new twists and a real sense of urgency and reality that I didn’t even realize I was missing.


In short, it’s a really strong first issue, using continuity to build the story they want to tell, rather than as a restriction, and it features a plot we’ve seen many times before in an entirely new and different way.  Superwoman #1 is good stuff, both in art and in story, and I’m definitely hooked for more stories like this, leaving the book with an impressible 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.  If nothing else, a monthly dose of Phil Jiminez art is worth $2.99 per month…


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