When it comes to comics, I’m occasionally accused of being contrarian because of my distaste for the work of certain popular creators, not the least of which are the disturbing works of Frank Miller.  Last night, I happened upon the last twenty-odd minutes of ‘Sin City’ on cable and, in the interests of fairness, stopped to watch…

… Aaaaand let’s just say, I’m happy to have slept.  Seeing the end of the Yellow Bastard at the hands of Hartigan was upsetting  on a visceral level, the same sort of skin-crawling disgust I’d feel for grubs under a rock or a new album by Snow, and it reminded me why I swore to never again read Sin City.  It’s the rare bit of pop culture that can engender such a powerful reaction, which leads us to today’s revolting query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) had a hell of a time trying to watch Rob Zombie’s ‘House Of 1000 Corpses’ once before giving up entirely, asking: What’s the last truly disturbing bit of pop culture you have experienced?


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  1. For me it was that one scene in Trainspotting where they find the dead baby. I can watch gore, I can watch medical procedure videos and I can watch all manner of usually disturbing things and not break even the hint of disgust, fear or anything. I’ve lived through a lot of scary crap in real life, so I’m not quite so easily bothered. But the dead baby scene just disturbed me to no end (I had nightmares about it for months after). I turned the movie off and have still never returned to finish it.

  2. I don’t know if anything truly disturbs me in pop culture anymore, news about real world events are far worse than anything they can come up with. Last time I felt real discomfort was watching The Walking Dead last week, that part involved cannibalism.

  3. When I went to see Star Trek: Beyond, one of the trailers was for the movie “Sausage Party”.

    The idea that our food could be sentient is really creepy and disturbing, God I hope no parent accidentally brings their kids to that one thinking it’s Pixar flick…

    • The act itself wasn’t so bad, the part where Tuvix is going from friend to friend basically begging for his life? That hit hard.

  4. Starks Scraps on

    The remake of Lord of the Flies traumatized me as a child. Audition made me never want to date again. The last thing I read that made me afraid to turn the page though… well theres a scene in Locke and Key involving an urn.

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