Following Aspen Comics’ recent plans to launch one shared Aspen Universe within the pages of several of its flagship titles, Executive Assistant: Iris and Witchblade creator David Wohl’s supernatural action-adventure series Santeria: The Goddess Kiss has been marked to return this January, 2017.

Santeria: The Goddess Kiss initially debuted this past spring but was postponed following the news of Aspen’s new universe-spanning event series, Aspen Universe: Revelations, in addition to other titles such as Oniba: Swords of the Demon. Aspen VP/Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez explains:

“David, Giuseppe, Wes and the entire team were incredibly patient in allowing us to embark on this massive Aspen Universe event to help shape the future of our storylines, and we’re thrilled the break has allowed us to bring this series back stronger than ever. In fact, David and crew were excited to bring the series into the new Aspen Universe and all of the possibilities they can play with now in their narrative. Santeria: The Goddess Kiss was critically acclaimed upon its arrival and we can only hint that the team plans to take the story in an even more mysterious and riveting direction. We think our fans will be equal parts shocked and thrilled with what they have in store.”

The publisher is also excited to reveal the four winners of the Santeria: The Goddess Kiss Cover Talent Search: Wesley Bernick, Chris Callahan, Stefano Fortis, and Joe Webster, with their successful entries gracing the cover to Santeria: The Goddess Kiss #4, out February 2017.

via Aspen Comics


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