There are a lot of up-sides to being a parent: I never have to make my own toast in the morning, there’s always somebody I can send to do laundry, and some days, when I lack inspiration, I can get the child to help formulate the MS-QOTD.  Then, when I asked her today, she immediately gave me…  Cat Pants.

And then, I thought about it.

And then I thought about it again.

Now, I can’t stop wondering, leading us to today’s feline fashion query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is actually torn on this particular question, asking: How would a cat wear Cat Pants: Figure 1 or Figure 2?


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  1. I would also have to side with figure 2. I feel like the pants of figure 1 would be more restrictive of natural feline moments. Pants version uno would probably be more entertaining to watch, but figure 2 is more practical…probably.

  2. While figure 2 is more visually appealing, figure 1 is more practical. When the cat needed to use the litter box, they would have a difficult time getting figure 2 off. Of course, if they got the pants on in the first place….

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