Legendary Marvel Universe creator Stan Lee and LNL Partners will join a host of comics creators for a panel discussion of Shatner Singularity Universe, the new comics and multimedia imprint founded by TV, film and science-fiction icon William Shatner.

The Shatner Singularity Universe panel will introduce the new imprint’s digital comics and Cinematic Graphic Novels, including Stan Lee’s ‘God Woke’ and A Daze Work.
On the panel are Stan Lee, Shatner Singularity President and Phazer Universe creator Mariano Nicieza, A Daze Work creators Tim Walsh and Chris Robinson, LNL Partners’ Gary Laird and Scott Liggett, and Panelfly President Ed Lang. Jenna Busch is the panel moderator.
Stan Lee’s ‘God Woke’ is Lee’s original story of humanity’s quest for meaning and God’s own search for same, adapted by comics great Fabian Nicieza and a team of talented artists.
“I’m very excited to collaborate with Fabian Nicieza, Shatner Singularity and LNL Partners in reimagining one of my favorite stories into Cinematic Graphic Novels, digital comics and print hardcover book.”
— Stan Lee on ‘GOD WOKE’
Shatner Singularity and LNL Partners will also discuss and demonstrate additional projects:
• William Shatner’s War Chronicles: The Movie is making its highly anticipated debut at San Diego Comic Con.
• Mariano Nicieza’s will preview four new superhero adventure titles: Agent Three Zero, Blackray, Blue Sultan and Phazer ,under the umbrella Phazer Universe.
• Tim Walsh and Chris Robinson will debut their eclectic comedy series A Daze Work.
“I’m proud to usher in a new era of entertainment, working side-by-side with talented industry veterans and newcomers all utilizing Shatner Singularity’s diverse platform of digital and print products.”
— William Shatner
The official adaptation of William Shatner’s War Chronicles: Cinematic Graphic Novel is a 16- chapter action-filled drama of a controversial ambassador sent to negotiate peace between workers at a Martian mining colony and the corporation that runs their lives. The flawed but charismatic Benton Hawkes confronts corrupt powerbrokers, political assassination, clandestine relationships and dangerous exploration and investigation on a depleted Earth and a powder-keg Mars.
“After the successful launch of William Shatner’s War Chronicles Season 1: Man O’ War and Season 2: Act of War, we are proud to launch the digitally remastered version of this great story as our first feature-length movie, William Shatner’s War Chronicles: The Movie.”
— Gary Laird
Cinematic Graphic Novels represent LNL’s groundbreaking form of enhanced digital comics. They combine a new stylistic dimension in animation, in-story sound effects and an original music soundtrack to usher in an advanced reading experience.
“It is a joy to work with our great team of talented professionals and help bring to life amazing projects like William Shatner’s War Chronicles and Stan Lee’s ‘God Woke’.”
— Scott Liggett
About LNL Partners’ Comics Division:
LNL Partners is a partnership of Emmy Award-winning Disney digital artist/editor GARY LAIRD, Emmy Award-winning music and audio producer SCOTT LIGGETT, and MARIANO NICIEZA, president and publisher of Shatner Singularity, with Editorial Producer FRANK LOVECE and Art Director WILSON RAMOS JR.
Perfecting its innovative technology over the course of three years, LNL Partners has developed the resources to sustain a longtime presence in this competitive and exciting marketplace. For more information, go to and


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