A recent viewing of ‘Coming To America’ reminded me of the fact that a young Samuel L. Jackson appeared just long enough for Eddie Murphy to kick his butt with ninja skills and a mop handle.  It’s not the first place I’ve encountered a surprise Sam (the ‘Zach On Film’ episode on ‘Do The Right Thing’ was a big one), but it is always fascinating to trace the roles of a working actor.  In Mr. Jackson’s case, it’s also a series of interesting haircuts, leading to today’s mother hubbard snakes in this mother hubbard query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will always have a soft spot for Jules Winnfield, if only because of his cool sideburns, asking: Which cinematic role is your favorite work of Samuel L. Jackson?


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  1. He only has one role in various shade of Sam.
    Jules Winnfield
    BTW Matty, You revoked my L.A. privileges a few years back. Can I get them back? I want to do film.

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