Today, in the year 2016, I am on the cusp of seeing the end of the Miracleman story that I discovered when I was all of 13 years old.

Yes, that was a long time ago.  Hush up.  Aaaaanyway, with the probability of that unfinished tale finally getting some closure (albeit at Marvel, which means that it’ll inevitably be followed by a ton of lesser stories that will dilute the impact of the original, and an inevitable Avengers membership somewhere down the line), I’ve been thinking about stories that I’d like to see finished.  The legendary ‘Jason’s Quest’ from DC Comics Showcase title could totally play in the modern market: A young man’s search for family, with no super-powers or supernatural elements seems like a natural with the right creative team, leading to today’s antipatory query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Spoilerites that we’re playing Perfect World, and thus we don’t have to worry about issues like ageing lost actors, asking: What unfinished tale or series would you most want to see to its conclusion?


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  1. In the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, there was originally to be another novel in the Republic Commando series, being the second book with the “Imperial Commando” title (by then, the story was after the Empire took hold). There were a lot of loose ends after “Imperial Commando: 501st”, and although the author did share what she had planned for the second Imperial Commando book, which was scrapped after “The Clone Wars” introduced a very different portrayal of Mandalorians, I’d still love to see the story wrapped up through a full story rather than through a few plot points listed on the author’s website.

    I would also love to see the animated series “Young Justice” get some form of wrap-up after some of the things that were hinted in the second season, be it an additional season or a direct-to-DVD movie or two.

  2. Knights on Broadway. Lost a lot of respect for Jim Shooter when he didn’t take the new owner’s offer to let them finish the comics.

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