3) STUNTMANStuntman

A former circus acrobat, Fred Drake used his high-wire skills in his costumed identity as Harvey Comics’ Stuntman.  An early creation of Simon & Kirby, Stuntman’s adventures were short-lived, but are worth tracking down for the incredibly kinetic and detailed art.  His horror flick namesake, Stuntman Mike, is likewise an oddity among his peers; hardly your standard slasher bad guy, he instead chooses to dispatch his targets with a car he has dubbed ‘Death-Proof.’  (WE HAVE A TITLE!)  Brought to skin-crawling life by Kurt Russell, Mike is later beaten and probably killed when he crosses paths with (and tries to murdalate) several younger and smarter stunt performers in the wild…

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  1. I think you mean 1986’s Manhunter, not Red Dragon. Red Dragon was the loose re-adaptation of Manhunter from 2002.

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