Here’s the real honest-and-for-true story of Hannibal Bates: He’s a pretty terrible character, made with half a dozen shortcuts to denote “EVIL!” and his death in every medium has always been the highlight of his terrible, cannibalistic career.  Though his surname comes once again from Norman Bates, Everyman’s first name is shared with Hannibal Lecter, the genius serial killer featured in several novels by Thomas Harris, including that one about the quiet sheep.  Lecter is best known as portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, but holds the distinction of being played by Brian Cox (Sergeant O’Hagen of ‘Super Troopers’) in 1986’s ‘Red Dragon‘  ‘Manhunter.’  That’s worth checking out, if only for weirdness’ sake.

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  1. I think you mean 1986’s Manhunter, not Red Dragon. Red Dragon was the loose re-adaptation of Manhunter from 2002.

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