In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: A bet has been made, the die is cast, and now we learn the fate of The Assistant.

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  1. The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

    I love that Rodrigo doesn’t try to overplay the Assistant’s emotions, or tease the players by telling them how they feel about walking out on it. He just describes a simple action — it keeps looking at you as you walk out, Randus — and lets everyone fill in their own reactions. And lets Brian describe his own botch later.

    Wondering whether the “HOW COULD KET POSSIBLY LOSE AT GAMBLING TO ANYONE” crowd is going to start frothing at the mouth over this episode again.

    • Crystal Groves on

      Ugh, Rodrigo is a beautiful mastermind. That whole scene was so intense. Maybe Randus can make another assistant and trade her for his original? As far as I’m concerned there’s *two* rescue missions now.

      As for Ket, I feel like while he’s a very skilled gambler, he’s still playing a game of chance. Seasoned veterans in poker championships can lose to an amateur just because of how their cards play out.

      If Ket *does* bring this lady into the Kobold Alley, I’d be worried for him later if they ever met up in the tournament.

      • The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

        Man, I thought the “promise her Kobold Alley” gambit was so cool, and I was so disappointed when it didn’t work out. Fascinated to see Gui bringing it up again, but I had not thought at all about the possibility of Ket then facing her as a challenge after she’s already beat him. What an interesting long-term story possibility.

      • Also remember that Ket made and failed an arcana check partway through the game. It’s very possible there was some funny business going on.

        • Crystal Groves on

          It took me a while to catch it (mostly because I didn’t want to go back and relive the tragedy) but I noticed that too. I wonder if the others could have done an arcana check or helped.
          Looking back at the stakes I can’t believe that they didn’t even check to make sure she *has* the rune. Her bluff is massive.

    • Frederick Pagliarulo on

      Let’s face it, Ket won previously when the games were narrative, but this game involved dice rolls. ;)

  2. Oh God… I have this thing where I feel way more emotional when animals are involved then humans.

    I had to go hug my cat and pet her for a few minutes to feel better after this.

    You monsters! Randus, why did you not promise to make her a new one! Shame mister! SHAME!!!

    • The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

      “Why didn’t he promise to make her a new one?” I doubt he has the tools and the materials on hand for something so complicated. He doesn’t have a workshop right now, and the party sure didn’t have the time. That said, I wonder if he COULD make her one. The original Assistant was a piece of tech recovered from an Exilarchy outpost, wasn’t it? He just may not have the tech to build another one, even if he did have the time and tools and space.

      This raises all sorts of questions for me that really shows my ignorance of D&D rules. Maybe Randus could make her a little robot, but the Assistant is a familiar. Can she even have a familiar if she isn’t granted one as a class feature? Are there rules for giving away your familiar? I assume he’d be able to get a new familiar if the old one died or was destroyed, but can he have a new one if the old one is out there in someone else’s possession? Or is the Assistant just permanently his familiar, but currently under orders to hang out with someone else?

  3. Wow… that’s one hell of a gambler… I’m actually kinda worried for Ket. If he gets her to join Kobold Alley, she may become a major adversary for him later… and if not, someone else quite possibly will, and he’ll also be known as the guy who passed on introducing it to her…

    Hang in there, Ket! Hang in there Randus!

  4. I almost started crying, but since I listen to this on my way to work I sucked in those tears! I can’t wait to see what happens but my heart broke!

  5. With the arcana check I know she cheated. I’m sorry but ket has literally played against gods and fey and creatures beyond our imagination and come out on top every time. Their is no actual way he could lose, when sparkle beat ket it was because of how hard she bluffed it affected another person to the point where she fooled ket throught him, but without that third party their is no doubt in my mind (narratively) she could of logically won. The deck must of somehow been magically altered.

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