The news that my celebrity crush (#23 in a series of 153, collect ’em all!) Emma Stone is in talks to portray a young Cruella De Vil fills me with mixed feelings.  On the one hand, Emma can make even terribly movies a little more watchable; on the other I don’t WANT to hear the tragic back story of that skeletal, selfish, terrible creature.  What worked for Maleficent doesn’t seem to be possible for Cruella, whose defining characteristic is “Murderin’ puppies…

…for fashion!”  Even Victor Von Doom, with his lost loves and facial scars, is more empathetic, which leads us to today’s irredeemable query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) could make a strong case for late-season Ted ‘Anal-Retentive Is Underselling’ Mosby, but won’t due to my enjoyment of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, asking: Who is the MOST unsympathetic character in all of pop-culture?


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  1. I don’t know about in all of pop culture, but ‘Burke’ in Aliens comes to mind for attempting to sacrificing Ripley and Newt to the aliens to make a fast buck.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    Not sure about the absolute top but that police Stansfield from Léon The Professional, played by Gary Oldman is certainly up there.

  3. Skippy The Wonder Chicken on

    I cannot in good conscience say that I’m a Harry Potter fan anymore. It was my world for about a decade, but over time the flaws outshine the good for me. BUT, she did write the most unlikeable, unsympathetic character I have read. It isn’t even He Who Makes People Twitch Because He Made A Bad Anagram Of His Original Name. No. It’s the pink terror, Professor Umbridge. People can understand Snape. Draco got his redemption. Even Voldemort has a tragic backstory and just went down a bad path. But the one character I know who can make any thinking person say “Oh screw them. I would have pushed her out a window ages before they got rid of her!”, is that hideous, pink toad: Umbridge.

    • I gotta second that. Umbridge… Geez, just thinking of her makes me feel nauseated. I have this mental image that even the most hideous, lonely beast in the world that desperately wants a friend would probably tell her “I’m sorry, I’m not looking for new friends at this time” before turning and running off.

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