According to my social media feed, yesterday was National Donut Day, prompting the usual joyous whoops of “Hey, food!”, the snarky quips about “Who makes this stuff up, anyway?”, and corporate brands trying to seem cool by playing along.  On the one hand, that sort of thing annoys me on a very basic ‘Bread And Circuses’ kind of level; on the other hand, I did buy donuts, though that may have more to do with being a fat man than with true participation.  National Whatever Day celebrations can be really annoying (I have found people celebrating May the 4th to be utterly infuriating the last couple of years, f’rinstance), leading to today’s state-mandated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is of two minds about these sort of things, usually only participating when it personally amuses me, asking: Do you like to play along with group-participation National Whatever Day?


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