Trick shooters; they’ve been around for centuries. From the Lone Ranger, and Buffalo Bill, to Annie Oakley to Robin Hood, each have had their moment in the spotlight, and each have gone down as legends. But when it comes to your life, do you really trust them? If you were to place an apple on your head, would you rather have Green Arrow, or Hawkeye take the shot?


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  1. I know that both archers can hit the target when they’re at their best.
    But both of these guys’ personal lives are constantly in shambles.
    So who can hit the target when they are off their game? I vote Hawkeye.

  2. Ollie Queen in any continuity where he’s rich and with Black Canary. Oooh.. Mockingbird or Black Canary?

  3. I voted for Green Arrow, simply because he has never been (to the best of my knowledg) a baddie…hence is more trustworthy.

  4. Malone_hasco on

    I would trust either of them, but I think there’s a slight possibility that Oliver can be a bit hung over from last nights partying while Clint most likely was playing bridge with Captain America in Avengers Mansion so I’ll go with Hawkeye.

  5. I had to go Hawk Guy… I have unpaid parking ticket… so TECHNICALLY I failed this city… best avoid the Green Arrow.

    Yes I spoiled my vote just for that joke…

  6. Even taking into consideration the moral degradation of Oliver Queen in the Mike Grell run, I think Ollie’s the more trustworthy option. They’re both archers of comparable skill, so trust is the most important factor to me.

    Plus, nobody rocks a better Van Dyke than The Green Arrow.

  7. This one is an easy one, an apple off your head it’s a trick shoot aim to show off, and as a carny hawk guy has been doing those since he was a child. Green arrow it’s an efficient and practical shooter, Clint it’s also a show man

  8. If it was a question of who the more competent archer was, I’d have to go with Mr. Queen. I wouldn’t trust the man as far as I could throw him however so my vote goes Hawkeye

  9. Daniel Langsdale on

    To the best of my knowledge, Hawkeye has never purposefully or accidentally fatally shot a friend, while Ollie can’t say the same, so I’d have to go with Clint on this one.

  10. Emotional Range Of A Teaspoon on

    I’d pick neither, their lives make them to flaky. I pick Kate Bishop, as she seems to be the bow wielder who has their stuff together most of the time.

  11. Pure self-interest. Green Arrow. Ive got enemies and Hawkeye can be an assassin. I could see Hawkeye taking a payday on my head. So in Ollie we trust.

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