As seen in Mark Waid’s Flash stories, the legacy that Jay Garrick began back in 1940 didn’t just get to Bart Allen, but instead stretched into the far future, to the era of the Legion of Super-Heroes and beyond.  That crimson-and-gold timeline features dozens of Flashes, which is why it’s a bit puzzling that DC insists that Barry Allen is the only one who ever mattered.  Fortunately, this week’s DC Rebirth goes a long way to remedy that, bringing back one lightning-bearer and setting the stage for another, leading to today’s high-velocity query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will always vote for the one with the cool silver hat, because hat, asking: Which Flash of the dozens and dozens of Flashes is The Best Flash?


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  1. I grew up with Wally as the “main” flash, so he holds a special place for me. But my absolute favorite is the original, Jay Garrick. I really enjoy the classic JSA roster and similar characters from that era. Without him there wouldn’t be a Flash legacy in the first place.

    Honorable mentions go to Young Justice’s Kid Flash and the current live action Flash for my favorite alternate media incarnations of the characters.

    They may not be the absolute “best”, but they are the best to me.

  2. As a lover of the early 2000’s JLA/JLU cartoon, Wally is my man.

    This is also why J Stewart is my fav GL.

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