Yesterday was my daughter’s last day of sixth grade, which means that (at least here in the Midwestern United States) it’s the beginning of summer.  Historically, these are the months where I went to the movies, where the big comic book annuals would be released and the weird mid-season replacement shows would hit the airwaves.  In the modern on-demand era, though, it still means that I can catch up on ‘The Mindy Project’, the latest season of ‘Archer’, and look forward to DC relaunching their universe once again, leading to today’s midsomer night’s query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is also looking forward to that new Star Trek set in New Jersey, asking: What are your pop-culture plans for the Summer*?

*Not valid in all areas


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  1. A lot of reading. I deliberately waited to pick up any Star Wars novels since the start of the new Expanded Universe until there were more than a few novels out, and with the releases that have been steadily coming out and the surge of TFA character related material, I think I’m finally ready to jump in.

    Also working on my Mandalorian armor costume, playing Dice Masters and the new TOS themed expansion for Star Trek Online coming in July.

    And while not exactly planned, I’ll probably start or catch up on a few TV series I haven’t watched lately or don’t have access to via their original run channels.

  2. Hannah Jones on

    Considering I’ll be spending about twice as much time chopping onions alone in a tiny ill-ventilated room, I’ll probably just catch up on the five-million podcasts I’ve got waiting for me.

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