As a comic fan, I’m a big believer in arguing about who’s stronger, who’s faster and which characters are actually cooler than Batman.  This doesn’t always carry over to other nerdy pursuits, though, as nobody wants to handicap my Han Solo/Riker battle nor is there much appreciation for questions of whether Mal Reynolds could successfully put one over on Little Joe Cartwright.  (I spend a lot of time locked in a room with a phone and my thoughts, remember…)  In the spirit of fairness, though, I’m willing to lock things down to a single fictional universe, which leads us to today’s boldly going query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t wanna hear any votes for the Nillennium Falcon, but will accept a Terek Nor, if you can justify it, asking: Which Star Trek starship reigns supreme?


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  1. Malone_hasco on

    I have no idea about those new ones, which are probably way better, but Next Generation Enterprise wins.

    Millenium Falcon wouldn’t stand a chance and neither would any Star Wars ship, because Star Trek ships are able to do spaceship combat in warp speeds, which is basically Star Wars hyperspace speed. Which doesn’t make any sense either, how are captains giving orders and crew initiating actions by hand on bridge when ships are moving in speeds several times faster than light? Picard telling to fire phasers now would result enemy ship being millions of miles away when they are actually fired. Maybe i’ll stop here…

  2. I may be biased because my favorite ship in Star Trek Online is of the same class, but I’ll go with the Defiant from DS9. It might not be quite as sturdy as ships like the Enterprise D or E, but it is a fast and stealthy little ship that can run in, hit hard and run out, engage cloaking device and be harder to track than the usual Starfleet ship. If the Enterprise were a knight in full armor, the Defiant would be a ninja.

  3. As much as I love the original Enterprise I have to go with the Enterprise D. Yes the “E” is more powerful but the overall style and look of The Enterprise D still makes it my favourite.

  4. We can argue the validity of my choice, but I will stick by Admiral Riker’s flagship Enterprise-D for “All Good Things..” – the one with the third nacelle and the phaser ‘lance’

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