It’s time once again for you – yes, YOU to pick the next trade paperback that we will review on the Major Spoilers Podcast.

Gold Digger: Pocket Manga Volume 1

Gina “Gold Digger” Diggers — archaeologist, adventurer, and super-scientist — travels the world with her adopted were-cheetah sister, Britanny, in search of knowledge, excitement, and treasure . . . as well as a cute guy, here and there. In this collection of the very first Gold Digger stories, Gina and Brit have to foil the dragon Dreadwing’s attempt to control Merlin’s Time Raft. Then, the pair are off on a wild journey to mythic places around the globe (and off it), including Shangri-La, Atlantis, and the Garden of Eden – all to stop the evil Atlantean wizard Gyphon from using his people’s ancient artifacts to rule the world!

Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 1: Orientation

Antimony Carver is a precocious and preternaturally self-possessed young girl starting her first year of school at gloomy Gunnerkrigg Court, a very British boarding school that has robots running around along side body-snatching demons, forest gods, and the odd mythical creature. The opening volume in the series follows Antimony through her orientation year: the people she meets, the strange things that happen, and the things she causes to happen as she and her new friend, Kat, unravel the mysteries of the Court and deal with the everyday adventures of growing up. Tom Siddell’s popular and award-winning webcomic ( is here collected in paperback for the first time.

D4Ve Volume 1

Mid-life. Crisis. D4VE, the defense-bot-turned-desk-slave, withers away at a soul-sucking day job, quitely dreaming of his monster-punching past. Unbeknownst to him-yet-new alien presence lands on Earth.

The Witcher Vol. 2: Fox Children

Geralt’s journey leads him aboard a ship of fools, renegades, and criminals–but some passengers are more dangerous than others, and one hides a heinous secret that could lead crew and passengers to a bitter and hideous fate at the hand of a vengeful fox


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  1. Gunnerkrigg Court is a great webcomic. The worldbuilding, characters and art are top-notch. Go for it!

  2. This is a hard choice – they all sound interesting. But I’ve probably been wondering about Gold Digger for longest. (Thanks, Matthew)

  3. Gunnerkrigg Court!!!!! I have read this web comic for the last few years and it is amazing. Character and narrative is well defined and complex. Art is solid in vol. one but then becomes amazing as the series progresses. Vote for this!!!!

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