It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for (and we apologize in advance) as we take a look at Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

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Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.

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  1. Tamara R Copple on

    1) I was Team Cap before the movie and still am Team Cap after. I thought one of the most revealing lines in the movie was where Stark explains why he and Pepper broke up – because he didn’t really *want* to stop what he was doing. Between a devastating breakup, his PTSD and the eventual revelation about his parents’ death I can see why he skewed the direction he did but as emotionally compromised as he was, he was not competent to be making such team-impacting decisions. 2) Never was a Spiderman fan, still not a spiderman fan but now I am salivating for the Black Panther movie. 3) I also thought Peggy’s exit from the series was *elegantly* done.

  2. stellarleader on

    Sometimes when I listen you talking about movies I think “I wish I understood all this technical stuff they talk about”, but then I listen to reviews like these and I’m glad I don’t have that technical knowledge because I didn’t see any of the CGI issues you mentioned, except for the obvious CGI on Spiderman.
    I really really liked this movie, although I still think “Winter Soldier” was better. If I were to rank this among the other MCU movies, it would be: 1-Winter Soldier, 2-Avengers, 3-Civil War, 4-Guardians of the Galaxy and 5-Ant-Man with Iron Man 2 and the first Captain America still at the bottom of my list.

  3. Pessimus Terminal on

    The timeline comment Stephen made about the finale is bugging me. This is all assumptions, but…

    1) Iron Man/Tony Stark could’ve gotten Rhoady an MRI in what, thirty minutes to an hour?
    2) The talk with Black Widow took literally seconds.
    3) We don’t know how long it took to get to The Raft, but give Stephen the benefit of the doubt and assume hours. Three hours sound good?
    4) We don’t know the top speed of the Iron Man suit but I think we can safely say that it’s faster than any jet, incling a Quinjet. Plus it runs off of an arc reactor so it can run more or less constantly unless damaged. So let’s say Mach 6 for argument’s sake.

    Now over to Cap and Bucky.

    It would take approximately eight hours to get from Germany to Siberia (border to border) at Mach 2. So let’s make some more assumptions…

    1) The Quinjet isn’t as fast or efficient as the Iron Man suit. I admit I don’t remember if it was a jet powered one or a repulsor powered one.
    2) There’s zero indication Tony has ever put an arc reactor in a Quinjet, so it runs off of fuel.
    3) It’s (probably) beyond the scope of the fake world they’ve set up to think a plane that runs on fuel could fly at Mach 2 for eight hours without refueling, or exploding, or whatever jets do when they’re pushed too hard. Cap and Bucky didn’t stop for gas, no way, so they were flying at less than Mach 2.
    4) Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt though and say, since it’s fantasy, that a Quinjet can maintain Mach 1 until it’s out of fuel, and that they had enough fuel to get all the way to Siberia.


    Tony had about FIFTEEN HOURS! to get Rhoady an MRI, go to The Raft, then fly his super made up super powered super armor to Siberia.

    Works for me.

      • According to Marvel the Quinjet can travel at Mach 2 (2,469km/hr). Germany to Siberia is 5,170km according to Google. In the movie universe Iron Man can travel between Mach 2-3 with short burst of up to Mach 5. An MRI takes 20-45 minutes to complete, but… Emergency services had to get Warmachine from the airport to the hospital (travel time unknown, checked in to ER, then to the MRI. Tony was treated as well (seen wearing a sling) and Black Widow had to get to the hospital as well (if that is where that scene took place). Where is the Raft? Off the coast of Europe, or off the coast of North America? So, to me, there is a maths issue here…

        Thanks for your feedback!

        • Pessimus Terminal on

          Avengers don’t wait for no emergency services!

          Tony Stark puts his reactor in Rhoady’s suit and some stabilization/get-to-the-nearest-hospital protocols kick in! Then he bypasses the ER, goes straight to the MRI room and runs that thing himself! (Or somesuch other superheroey stuff)

          So a Quinjet can sustain Mach 2 but the Iron Man suit tops out at slower than the real life manned aircraft speed record? What is this, grimdark DCEU, WB Bat-Armor? Nonsense! Time for a retcon!

          You make good points, and thanks for responding.

          On the matter of the shaky cam, like it or not did you notice that it gradually goes away?
          Crazy, vomit inducing at the beginning, a little less as Cap and Bucky fight their way out of the apartment, bigger sweeping shots without much shake for the chase sequence, huge sweeping shots with no (maybe some) shake at the airport, then lots of static shots in the finale.
          It almost runs counter to the theme of the movie, but maybe the idea, if there was one, is that Cap and Iron Man are better off leading two separate Avengers on their own terms… maybe…? Am I being an apologist? Probably.

  4. Pessimus Terminal on

    My bad for not starting my first comment with, “love all your stuff, great podcast, but…”

    I appreciate the quality content you guys put out there.

  5. The shaky cam stuff in the beginning really annoyed me as well. I regretted instantly sitting in the front of the theatre during that first scene with Crossbones. From the Airport scene onward, I had no real issues other than I felt like nothing really got resolved. Also I felt like editing a lot of the scenes was subpar. The part where Cap jumps (teleports?) out of the crashing SUV was poorly done.

    CGI issues hardly ever bother me. Before CGI we had puppets and animation and in theater we had smoke and mirrors. Magic isn’t real so we have to accept that it’s better to get unrealistic CGI than nothing at all. I honestly didn’t have any CGI complaints about Cap 3.

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