When I was younger, and really into Spider-Man, I wondered about Aunt May’s signature breakfast dish, wheatcakes, and whether they’d be better than my usual toast with peanut butter.  (Marvel Comics eventually printed the recipe for May’s wheatcakes, and they tasted like papier mache, to my youthful self’s disappointment.)  If I had the patience and/or sufficiently low cholesterol to create Stephen Universe’s pancake/chocolate/whip cream concoction from ‘Forever Breakfast’, I imagine it would be more satisfying, but to be honest, I’d probably prefer Clair’s sushi from ‘The Breakfast Club’, which isn’t actually about breakfast at all, but it’s thematic and leads to today’s daybreak query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really shouldn’t write when hungry, asking: Which pop-culture dish would you choose as your perfect breakfast?


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  1. My mind instantly goes to Lembas bread, just for the fact that it keeps you full for super long times (so i don’t have to grab food between lectures) and I’m assuming tastes delicious.

  2. “Besalisk’s Bellyful” Hash, a dish from Dex’s Diner (the diner seen in Star Wars Episode II and featured in various articles and comics) made with beef from a Bantha, Ojomian onions and protatoes (not to be confused with potatoes). I really enjoy corned beef hash, so I’m fairly certain I’d enjoy this variation of it.

    Alternately, a “simple” breakfast of Roba sausage and Nuna eggs sounds good too.

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