In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: The party finally meets the Elves, bur are they the Elves they are looking for?

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  1. DND Librarian on

    It looks like I need to give up my dream of Adriana coming back to the podcast. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the rest of the team and think Little Sparkle is a great addition. LS really knows what she’s doing, and Sam is awesome! But I had been so hoping that this Mountain Ghost character would mean that Adriana was back behind the mic. I wanted Mountain Ghost to be Trelle sooo badly, and I got my wish! Just, I got my wish in a pretty disappointing way. I think its a little strange how none of the three characters who remember Trelle will call her by name.

    Oh well! Life goes on. I am looking forward to the next episode, and I’m excited we got a little more on Sekhar’s weirdness. I am starting to form a theory about him, as well as a somewhat unrelated theory about the name of this season.

    I still think getting caught up is for suckers. Waiting is hard. :p

  2. Ron Jensen on

    Another superb episode, everyone!

    It seemed like Matthew was just up for some off-the-cuff exploration, maybe even challenging Rodrigo a bit. And as he does so well, Rodrigo took it to a meaningful, creative, revealing place. Fun listening to the role-play between you both.

    And yes, I harbored some hope that we’d hear Trelle/Adriana make an appearance. Certainly feeds into the title of the season, and gives us more to ponder…

  3. Is there a particular reason you guys don’t say Trelle’s name? It seemed weird that none of the 3 characters that knew her wouldn’t have said her name.

    • The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

      Clearly the Critical Hit universe lost the rights to the Trelle character to a different podcast studio, like what happened with the MCU and the Fantastic Four. So they can sort of allude to her, but not use her name or iconography without violating copyright. On the bright side, this means if the other studio exercises those rights, Trelle will eventually star in her own series of reboots and remakes.

  4. I really, really, REALLY hope Adriana is not back this season because of of schedule problems, interest or what not and that it’s not because of what some people said about her last season.

    Because while I get that it’s internet, free speech and all that but quite a few were way out line with what they said in the comments last season…

    Anyway, it was an interesting episode, the twist that Sekhar was not in fact ill but simply having growing pains was quite an unique development given the evil and sadistic GM (I kid, I kid… Well mostly XD).

    Hopefully Trelle will get to go back to the Fey wild and meet her beloved in the future.

    • Simonsimonforyou on

      I completely agree. Adriana was awesome! I think the addition of Adriana and Trelle was what made the podcast a true storytelling podcast. She just added a personal depth to the story, and vulnerability, right from the beginning. Even if she’s not playing anymore, her influence is still there.

  5. Simonsimonforyou on

    Is there any relevance in the fact that Sekhar was going see through and the arc is called Legacy of Ghosts? You know, because you can see through ghosts…

  6. The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

    Sekhar telling the wise woman “Mostly, to be honest, I’ve suffered” was a stop-the-podcast-and-rewind moment for me. I actually got emotional at the thought of him admitting to a stranger what he’s too proud to admit to his allies: That this is all actually hard on him, that it’s having some kind of impact he can’t just shrug off.

    On the other hand, when the wise woman told him maybe it’s the thing, and he needs to feed the thing, and he more or less said “Yeah, I was thinking of doing that,” I literally screamed at my iPod. In that moment, Sekhar sounds like the dude whose car isn’t working, and he has no idea why, so he takes it to several mechanics and a bunch of friends, who also have no idea why, and finally one guy at the dealership says “Oh, there’s this one really rare problem that happens in this particular make of car when the weather’s foggy and the compass is facing east and it’s between 50 and 57 degrees,” and the dude nods sagely and says “Yeah, I figured that was what it was.”

  7. Finally starting to piece Sekhar together. I know his class and paragon path, and we’re finally getting some hints about his race…so excited for the next few episodes!

  8. The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

    Best moment in this episode was Ket saying “Is this what it used to be like dealing with me? I’m SO SORRY.” It’s true, and it’s beautiful that he makes that connection.

    I started listening with Season 5, so I’m caught up to the present day, but I’ve also been tearing through the backlog at a terrific rate, and it’s amazing how often the newest episode has some specific resonance with the past episodes I’m listening to. In this case, I JUST got to the episode where Ket gets yanked off for some paperwork on the great gambling game just as his party is about to fight void-monsters, and then when he gets back, he’s super-evasive and secretive about it and they all get really annoyed with him. Hearing that happen, and then hearing him apologize for it, on the same day — even though those podcasts were recorded years apart — was hilarious fun.

  9. I was extremely surprised to realise the mountain ghost was Trelle, though I realise now that that was the obvious conclusion; I was just too slow-witted XP Aw, Trelle. Truly a ‘ghost’ of sorts, mentioned ever-so-briefly and passing like a vapour in the wind… well, almost. She did leave behind the loot and those sweet friendship bracelets. ;)

    I’ll admit I had my share of frustrations when Trelle was part of the crew as well, but I still miss her. <3 So it was nice to see she wasn't completely mysteriously wiped out from the CH story-verse, which is really what it felt like for a while. I had a suspicion Rodrigo had written her out forever and all the players were under some contract to never mention her ever again, LOL. So it was nice to see I was wrong. :)

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