Four of the leading independent comic book publishers have come together with Groupees to offer fans a low cost entry into the world of original storytelling from some of the leading names in graphic fiction!

This cross-publisher pay what you want “Bundle of Independents” features approximately $300 worth of books by some of the industry’s greatest creators from Garth Ennis, Greg Rucka, Duane Swierczynski, Andy Diggle, Howard Chaykin, Peter Milligan, Andy Diggle, Jim Starlin, Jae Lee, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Tim Seeley, Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, Brian Wood, Rick Remender, Joe Hill, Sam Keith, Charles Soule, Cullen Bunn, and more!

“The comic industry continues to assert a major influence on pop culture worldwide, and independent graphic fiction from the likes of the talent assembled in this promotion is a big reason why,” says Thomas Brooke. “We’re thrilled to be showcasing these great storytellers and their books to our Groupees community and comic book fans worldwide.”

“Dynamite has had great success with past bundles with Thomas and the Groupees team,” says Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO/Publisher. “When Thomas asked us to bring in other publishers to create even more excitement, we thought it was a great idea. All three publishers who joined in agreed pretty quickly — Image, IDW, and Oni — all with distinct and incredible creators. This shows how publishers can work together. We couldn’t be happier than creating a bundle to grow the readership for all companies involved. This bundle showcases some of comics’ best creators and their original creations, in support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.”

“This bundle brings together top talent and major publishers,” says Jeff Webber, IDW’s VP of Licensing, Digital and Subsidiary Rights. “It’s a great way for new readers to sample some of the best books in the industry.”

“We’re excited to be a part of this group effort to promote independent, creator-owned comics,” says Jeremy Sullivan, Director of Digital Sales at Image Comics. “We’re offering a great mix of new and now classic Image titles in hopes of attracting new fans to these simply incredible series, while also supporting the Comic Book Defense League Fund.”

“We’re pleased to be working with Groupees and these other publishers to provide a broad sample of what independent, creator owned comics has to offer,” says Joe Nozemack, President of Oni Press. “This is a great collection of original content, representative of some of the best voices in the industry today, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

The first tier is unlocked with a $5.00 minimum contribution, while a $12.00 minimum minimum offers fans an additional batch of graphic novels, with even more available with a $25.00 or more contribution. The more fans contribute, the more it allows publishers and creators to continue to release cool comics.

The $5.00 Tier includes 8 comics and collections, valued at an approximately $70 value:

·       The Boys Vol. 1 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson (Dynamite Entertainment)

·       Revival, Vol. 1 by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton (Image)

·       Ciudad by Joe and Anthony Russo, Ande Parks and Fernando Leon Gonzalez (Oni Press)

·       The Fuse Vol. 1 by Antony Johnston and Justin Greenwood (Image)

·       The Devilers by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Matt Triano (Dynamite Entertainment)

·       A Boy and a Girl by Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat (Oni Press)

·       Chew Vol. 1 by John Layman and Rob Guillory (Image)

·       Locke & Key Vol. 1 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW)

The $12.00 Tier features an additional 11 comics and collections, valued at approximately $100:

·       Parker: The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke (IDW)

·       Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland by Eric Shanower and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW)

·       Shutter Vol. 1 by Joe Keatinge and Leila del Duca (Image)

·       Saga Vol. 1 Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (Image)

·       Wasteland Vol. 1 by Antony Johnston and Christopher S. Mitten (Oni Press)

·       Devolution #1 and #2 by Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak (Dynamite Entertainment)

·       30 Days of Night by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith (IDW)

·       The Living Corpse Vol. 1 by Ken Haeser and Buz Hassan (Dynamite Entertainment)

·       Stumptown Vol. 1 by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth (Oni Press)

·       Uncanny Vol. 1 by Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell (Dynamite)

·       American Flagg! Vol. 1 by Howard Chaykin (Dynamite Entertainment)

The $25.00 Tier features even more – 16 additional graphic novels, at an approximate value of $135:

·       Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland by Eric Shanower and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW)

·       Ragnarok Vol. 1 by Walter Simonson (IDW)

·       Deadly Class Vol. 1 by Rick Remender and Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge (Image)

·       Descender Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen (Image)

·       Starve Vol. 1 by Brian Wood and Danijel Zezelj (Image)

·       Letter 44 Vol. 1 by Charles Soule and Drew Moss (Oni Press)

·       Sixth Gun Vol. 1 by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt (Oni Press)

·       Lost at Sea by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press)

·       Ex-Con by Duane Swierczynski and Keith Burns (Dynamite)

·       Dreadstar Vol. 1 by Jim Starlin (Dynamite Entertainment)

·       Complete Zombies vs Robots by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood (IDW)

·       Morning Glories Vol. 1 by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma (Image)

·       Low Vol. 1 by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini (Image)

·       Ghost Projekt by Joe Hill and Steve Ralston (Oni Press)

·       Danger Girl Deluxe by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell (IDW)

·       Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures by Various (IDW)

As tiers unlock, the following collections will be added to the bundles:

·       Locke & Key Vol. 2 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW)

·       Parker: The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke (IDW)

·       Hellshock Vol. 1 by Jae Lee (Dynamite Entertainment)

·       Bunker Vol. 1 by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari (Oni Press)

·       Terminal Hero (Dynamite)

·       Hellbreak Vol. 1 by Cullen Bunn and Brian Churilla (Oni Press)

Group bonuses will continue to be unlocked throughout the promotion, giving fans the chance to earn even more great graphic novels. A percentage of proceeds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to help continue their efforts of protecting first amendment rights in the comic book industry. Check out Groupees Bundle of Independents for more information:

About Dynamite Entertainment:

Dynamite was founded in 2004 and is home to several best-selling comic book titles and properties, including The Boys, The Shadow, Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars, Bionic Man, A Game of Thrones, and more.  Dynamite owns and controls an extensive library with over 3,000 characters (which includes the Harris Comics and Chaos Comics properties), such as Vampirella, Pantha, Evil Ernie, Smiley the Psychotic Button, Chastity, and Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt.  In addition to their critically-acclaimed titles and bestselling comics, Dynamite works with some of the most high profile creators in comics and entertainment, including Kevin Smith, Alex Ross, Neil Gaiman, Andy Diggle, John Cassaday, Garth Ennis, Jae Lee, Marc Guggenheim, Mike Carey, Jim Krueger, Greg Pak, Brett Matthews, Matt Wagner, Gail Simone, Steve Niles, James Robinson, and a host of up-and-coming new talent.  Dynamite is consistently ranked in the upper tiers of comic book publishers and several of their titles – including Alex Ross and Jim Krueger’s Project Superpowers – have debuted in the Top Ten lists produced by Diamond Comics Distributors.  In 2005, Diamond awarded the company a GEM award for Best New Publisher and another GEM in 2006 for Comics Publisher of the Year (under 5%) and again in 2011.  The company has also been nominated for and won several industry awards, including the prestigious Harvey and Eisner Awards.

Dynamite Facebook:

Dynamite Twitter:

Dynamite Official Website:

Comic Shop Locator Service: 1-888-comicbook, or visit

About IDW:

IDW Media Holdings, Inc. (IDWM) is a fully integrated media company, which includes publishing, games, entertainment, and the San Diego Comic Art Gallery.

IDW Publishing’s comic book and graphic novel catalog includes some of the world’s most popular entertainment brands, including Transformers, My Little Pony, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, and Disney’s classic characters. At IDW’s core is its commitment to creator-owned comics including 30 Days of Night, Locke & Key, Wormwood, Ragnarök, V-Wars, and Archangel by bestselling sci-fi author William Gibson.

IDW Publishing is also home to the acclaimed and award-winning imprints; Top Shelf, The Library of American Comics, Yoe! Books, and Artist Editions, showcasing the greatest original art ever published in American comic books.

IDW Games’ diverse line-up includes the international phenomenon Machi Koro, as well as hit licensed games such as X-Files, Back to the Future, The Godfather, and TMNT.

IDW Entertainment currently serves as the worldwide distributor of Wynonna Earp airing on the Syfy Channel in the U.S. and is producing BBC America’s Dirk Gently, based the best seller by Douglas Adams starring Elijah Wood and Sam Barnett, and Brooklyn Animal Control for USA Network.

About Image Comics:

Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of bestselling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr

About Oni Press:

Oni Press is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1997, Oni Press is run by Founder and Publisher Joe Nozemack and Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones. Oni Press’s curated line includes a variety of best-selling, award-winning, original and licensed comic books and graphic novels, including: [adult swim]’s Rick and Morty, Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM, and many critically-acclaimed creator-owned titles including Scott Pilgrim, Queen & Country, Courtney Crumrin, Wasteland, The Sixth Gun, Stumptown, Wet Moon, Letter 44, The Bunker, The Life After, The Coldest City and Kaijumax.

About Groupees LLC:

Groupees is a unique online and mobile platform offering Pay What You Want bundle promotions featuring games, music, comics, ebooks and films combined with real-time social features so users can share their passions with like-minded people from around the World. Groupees has processed over 1,500,000 bundle purchases over the past three years.

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