As a nerd of many years tenure, I’ve heard many of the classic arguments over and over: Who’s stronger?  Who should date?  Why do people dislike Matter-Eater Lad?  But one I can never fathom is the question of which hero represents Marvel’s Wonder Woman.  Nobody seems to ask who DC’s Spider-Man is, nor which Dark Horse character is Batgirl, but for some reason, fans are adamant Marvel needs Diana or the closest approximation thereof.  Thus, even though I’m not sure the question even has an answer, I bring to y’all,  the Spoilerites, today’s counterpartitional query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) won’t say I’m playing Devil’s Advocate, but might be a minor imp’s paralegal, asking: Which hero best fits the nebulous role of ‘Marvel’s Wonder Woman?’


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  1. 春咲絵門 on

    I think that ‘s a really tough question. If you want someone that is a powerhouse like Wonder Woman, than She-Hulk is probably the best choice. However, She-Hulk doesn’t have the same attitude and presence of Wonder Woman. She’s less stoic and divine and more down, dirty, and sassy. If you want someone with the leadership capabilities of Wonder Woman, I would go with Storm. She has a long history and has been a leader several times. If you want a match in divinity and mythology, Valkyrie might be the right fit.

    I think the real challenge is that Marvel doesn’t place it’s god-like characters upfront and center like DC. The major heroes of the Marvel universe tend to be closer to normal people stretched to comic proportions: Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Black Widow. DC on the other hand has Superman (invincible), the Flash (can run through time), Green Lantern (can create anything), and Wonder Woman (a literal goddess). Marvel has a Superman analog in Hyperion, but he’s not a major player (yet. Squadron Supreme is changing that). So it’s a little difficult to match one-for-one Marvel’s main heroes to DC’s main heroes in terms of power and stature.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    Personality-wise I’d say Storm but powerset and position in Marvel universe tells me its Carol Danvers Captain Marvel.

  3. Cody Dixon on

    I would go with Captain Marvel as the Wonder Woman of Marvel. Her presence and stature has definitely risen in recent years with the change of names, the new SWORD director, her leading one side of the new civil war and the upcoming movie.

  4. I’m just playing avocado-at-law here, but I want to say Storm, and not just because she was one-half of the Amalgam character Amazon along with Wonder Woman. She’s got a completely different powerset, but she’s got more in common with Wonder Woman than not, at least in how I see them.

  5. I have to go with Storm too. Wonder Woman, like Batman and Superman, is instantly recognizable to non-comic book readers. I think Storm comes closest to that at Marvel

  6. hmm Invisible Girl/Women? She’s was the first Marvel female star and (eventually) became one of Marvel’s most powerful female characters, while also proudly being a mom (analogous to WW’s great concern for Earth and humans?)

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