With all the Star Wars talk today, I have been thinking about the galaxy far, far away, and how one of the first announcements the Disney company made after taking control of Star Wars was to declare all the Expanded Universe non-canonical.  It was a broad stance, one that I found myself a little jealous of: Who hasn’t wanted to just banish the bad parts of their favorite stories?  Imagine the original Star Trek without the stupid hippie episode, or Batman’s history without ‘Dark Knight 2.’  Heck, it’d be a power worth having just to de-canonize the mess that was ‘Secret Invasion’, leasing to today’s selective query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would also like return Bea Arthur and ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’ to canon out of spite, asking: Which single moment, character or storyline would you immediately remove from canon, given the power to choose?


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    • Malone_hasco on

      I would definitely be just fine without midichlorians. In my head, I’m telling a story how midichlorians are just a byproduct and way to measure it, rather than the cause of the Force itself.

  1. Matthew Milan on

    My first choice would be to vote with Ian and sack Midichlorians. However, since the first two commentors have already done that I will say Jar Jar Binks.

  2. Shortly before the old EU was scrapped, Bea Arthur’s character made an appearance in one of the “Fate of the Jedi” novels. I honestly wouldn’t mind Ackmena (her character) or Gormaanda (the chef lady played by Harvey Korman) from the Holiday Special being made canon.

    I think the one thing I’d want to strike from canon is the Mandalorian queen’s comment that Jango Fett is not a Mandalorian, just a thug who got his hands on some armor (or something to that effect) in “The Clone Wars” series.

    • Malone_hasco on

      About that comment regarding Jango: I think it was that one minister in Mandalorian dutchess’ court who said that and it was in the middle of heated political debate about Death Watch. I took it as an attempt to deny any connection between Mandalorian government and radical separatist elements than truth. That character didn’t seem as reliable source of any information, least of all about some bounty hunter he’s most likely never met.

      Pepole are reading too much into it, like what happens with pretty much every single line delivered and action took by any character in Star Wars universe.

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