In recent years, one of my minor Innernet joys has been in watching each new superhero movie being labeled as the one that will finally kill the superhero movie trend.  As of this writing, ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ is repeatedly being used as the proof that the sky is falling, with the upcoming Doctor Strange solo flick being eyed as the latest “one that’s going to ruin it.”  Fortunately for those of us who want to see what kind of wackiness they come up with next, it’s going to take a few years for any disaster to fully trickle down into the end of things, meaning that we’re probably gonna get Justice League, Captain Marvel and Black Panther and maybe even some big screen love for the likes of Kamen Rider or Johnny Quick, leading to today’s ‘sky-is-falling’ query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still hopes to see a well-crafted, well-received Silver Surfer before westerns take over, asking: What superhero movie do you most want to see made into a Hollywood blockbuster before the bottom drops out?


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  1. At this point in time, i’m totaly satisfied with the deliverance of western comic books to the silver screen.
    I’m still hoping for a decent FF Movie, other than that, an Akira Live Action, but then again, that’s Manga not Comic Book,

    • Malone_hasco on

      I still count manga very much comic book. Its just Japanese term for comic.That said, I’d like a non grimdark JSA and 70’s samurai film style Blade of the Immortal.

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    I think Strikeforce: Morituri would make an awesome blockbuster. Super-heroes on a suicide run to save the earth from an overwhelming, planet-wide alien invasion? Fast & Furious meets Falling Skies? Yes, please.

  3. Leona Thompson on

    Blue Devil. Mostly because it will be a irreverant look at comic book heroes and the movie making process with a nice amount of supernatural wierd thrown in for taste.

    Of course, this would require at least an couple million or so people to know who the heck Blue Devil is, besides myself, so its a long shot. But a girl can dream can’t she?

  4. The announcement that The Punisher will get his own series has taken me to a point where I’m actually pretty content and can’t think of many immediate celluloid conversions I want.

    The one I’d like to see most is Netflix bringing back the Daywalker. Closely followed by season 2 of the truly magnificent Constantine.

    Although now I think about it, an Astro City tv series would be pretty cool.

    And they’re all series rather than films. Well done me for not answering properly.

    A Howard and Cosmo buddy film maybe?

  5. Etrigan the Demon, halloween release. Dr. Fate, released after Dr. Strange. Anything that doesn’t include Batman.

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