A few years ago I realized a hidden truth of pop culture: Many bad (or merely okay) shows are remembered for their excellent opening sequence.  ‘Battle Of The Planets’ is a fine example, as the overall product was pretty good, but the opening theme and narration were legendary.  The original ‘Star Trek’ series is an example of a pretty great show made even better by an excellent opening, leading to today’s prefatory query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) figures that ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000’ has to rank right up there, asking: Which opening sequence is the best of ’em all?


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  1. I wanted to add Fraggle Rock in for myself, and my wife threw in her opinion from the other room for CSI:Miami.
    Seems that many of the shows that I love had your basic ‘here’s some clips form the show’ type openings. Which while they can be cool, especially with a rockin theme, just don’t hit the same way as a unique opening credits sequence does.
    And while it might have been cheesy as al get-out, as was most things about the show, gotta admit that the MST3K intro always got me pumped for more bots… but that might have just been the theme again, yeah?

  2. I did not like COPS opening sequence, but it sure was striking, disturbing even.

    Saint Seyia, Cybaster, Transformers, all had excellent openings. So did the 1966 Batman TV show.

    Still, I will vote for Babylon 5.

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