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  1. Betty would probably be stronger and more athletic, but I think that she would stay away from underhanded tactics. Veronica would have no such qualms about fighting dirty.

  2. Betty wins! While Veronica would definitely be out for blood, Betty is more athletic giving her the edge in a physical confrontation.

  3. Betty may be the All American Girl next door, but she is tough and ready to get dirty. Veronica is a wealthy girl used to having things done for her. She is more of an expensive oil girl.
    I recommend a jello fight where they are equally matched.

  4. Veronica is a rich kid a heart, lots of bravado, not a lot of substance. Betty is more street, down to earth, and tuff. Betty gets my vote

  5. Jesse Martinez on

    Alls fair in a straight up street fight, so Veronica for me. But if it was an official fight with rules and refs, edge goes to Betty

  6. Bill the seeker on

    Betty will take a couple lumps in the beginning because Veronica is more vicious but you don’t want to tick off the nice gal.

  7. Veronica hires an assassin. The end.

    What? Sorry, most I know of Archie is that Veronica is the rich one, so knowing what I know of rich people she’d probably hire out someone to do the actual deed. She’d probably spend the whole “fight” just relaxing poolside while sipping on a fruity drink or something.

  8. Depending on circumstances, Veronica wins hands down, Betty is stronger, but more “doe eyed”, to see the ferocity of a Veronica assault, read issue 1 of “Archie vs Predator”, when she feels humiliated by Betty (which was not Betty’s intention and fueled by Veronica’s shallow nature) she attacks Betty, who is taken completely unaware, the panel of her leaping attack looks like she learned at the feet of Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, it quickly turns into a, medium intensity, no contact slap fight, it is Archie’s bumbling that actually causes Veronica’s ultimate crushing blow, leaving a bewildered Betty, with a full on nose bleed beating a tear filled retreat, meanwhile, an oblivious Veronica, snogs Archie as they are beset by ocean waves. I feel that 99% of most of the fights would be initiated by Veronica because of some imagined slight or general pettiness, with Betty to not even know a fight was about to start because she is just hanging out being all goofy, kind, & sweet. But, I imagine the 1% where Betty becomes (most likley) rightfully enraged, and initiates or retaliates against Veronica in true Betty-Kung Fury, I would put Veronica’s chances somewhere approaching, one of Dalton’s many antagonists in “Road House”, which means, Veronica would be left bloodied, dazed, broken or lacking a usable throat.

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