With the madness of ‘Scooby Apocalypse’ on the horizon, it seems like the pop-culture trend of gritty reboots of old properties will never end.  Soon, we should be able to see ‘Andy Griffith vs. Zombies’, ‘Cyborg Honeymooners 2020 AD’ and the epic ‘Soylent Jeffersons,’ dealing with food and dry-cleaning fluid shortages in a Mad Max-style wasteland.  Also, that Halloween hallucination ‘Garfield’ strip will be canonical, leading to today’s reimaginary query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can’t be the only one to wish it was Daphne who was the hardcase covered in sleeve tattoos, asking: What property do you think would be most entertaining as a post-modern, gritty reboot?


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  1. Land of the Lost, with more of a “Jurassic Park” and survival horror twist. It wouldn’t be so distant from the original property, it just wouldn’t be quite so campy and cheerful. And they could also go even further and revive the original plan for Christa from the 1991 series to be a grown up Holly from the original series, which means something terrible probably happened to her dad and brother to leave her to fend for herself and become the jungle warrior girl.

  2. Fantastic Four. Reed in a hero journey against impossible odds, Sue as the stout companion, Johnny revealing hidden strengths for keeps and forging his comraderie with Ben… it is gold.

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