This week’s Major Spoilers Podcast features our review of a book that I’ve always suspected that I shouldn’t like.  Given the propensity for explosions, inexplicable plot moments and massively out-of-character bits for the sake of a joke, Nextwave seems like the opposite of the comics that I would normally find wonderful (not counting those that I find entertaining based on their autre premises or for sheer Zeerusty excellence.)  Of course, I also wonder about my deep love for ‘Desperate Housewives’, an attraction that can’t be entirely summed up by my 1993 crush on Teri Hatcher, leading to today’s inexplicable query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really thinks that the whole thing is summed up by “My robot brain needs beer”, one of literature’s rare perfect sentences, asking: Which of your favorite things most seem like things you shouldn’t like?


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  1. I’m a grown man who watches mostly cartoons and shows aimed at kids, so by some people’s standards (not mine) that might count.

    But the things that really seem to me like I shouldn’t like them are:

    “Girl Meets World”. I grew up watching “Boy Meets World”, so I gave the spin-off a shot because I was curious. And although it is a show aimed at teens, I still find it fun and entertaining even when it isn’t an episode with guest stars from the old show.

    The various incarnations of “Degrassi”, I honestly cannot explain what the draw is. It isn’t even a good series, but I still find myself compelled to follow the overly dramatic and badly acted teenage escapades.

    Various kids online games like “Wizard 101” and “Pirate 101”. I tried them out of curiosity and found them much more enjoyable than I expected.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    Probably 80’s cartoons and TV shows. I know most of them are not that deep or great and they were clearly made for kids but I still like the style, feel and kind of easy going innocence many of them had. They remind me of time when I was a kid without worries and they are my personal happy place.

    • That is one of the reasons my “Happy Time” is early in the morning (about 4 AM to 6 AM) when they play old 80’s cartoons on a few channels here. One cable channel plays an hour of 80’s G.I. Joe and an hour of G1 Transformers, and I have a few local channels that play He-Man, She-Ra and a few other cartoons I grew up with. Occasionally I’ll go the full nostalgia route and even sit on the floor eating a bowl of super sugary cereal as I watch.

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