Recently, I have encountered a quandary in my potential movie-going: A movie featuring a comic-book character I don’t care for was almost universally acclaimed by fans and critics alike, while another, featuring characters I *do* enjoy, was savagely lambasted.  Granted, being the person I am, I probably won’t watch either ‘Deadpool’ or ‘Batman V Superman’ until they’re available on cable/stream, but I found myself questioning those decisions based on the viewer feedback.  Indeed, if there were ever a time when I wasn’t on the Innernets, locked in a basement chained to a phone headset and/or parenting, I might wander into a showing of ‘Deadpool’, leading to today’s analytical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t believe anybody who claims that they’re NEVER affected by critical and audience feedback, so that’s not a valid answer for today’s purposes, asking: What’s the last show/movie/book/foam cheese-hat that you read/saw (or didn’t read/see) based on critic feedback?


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  1. Somewhat unsurprisingly it’s BvS. Wasn’t dead set on seeing it on the big screen but the reviews and general sense of disappointment sealed the deal. Had it received rave reviews I’d have like as not gone to see it.

  2. Deadpool. I almost never have time set aside to go to movies through mid-April due to job restrictions, but reviews convinced me I should probably make the time, lest it be out of theaters by the time I can enjoy my freedom again..

  3. I’m not entirely certain either way, but I’m reasonably certain that:

    Last show I watched based on critic feedback was Arrow. I had interest, but I wasn’t set on watching it until some future time once a few seasons had come out and I could binge watch. But the more I saw folks raving about it, the more I wondered just what it was like. I’m not a huge fan of the series itself, though I do enjoy it casually, but I’m glad I got all caught up just in time for “The Flash” to premier, and I’ve been following the whole shared multiverse series since.

    I also actively sought out the movie “Pixels” because of how badly panned it was by many critics. I can see why they didn’t find it the best movie ever, but I think some critics missed the point of the film entirely and just wanted a reason to complain. Not the best movie ever by a long shot, but it was pretty funny to see old video game characters I grew up with as an invasion force.

  4. Dredd. I was avoiding anything to do with a movie Dredd until I heard that it was actually pretty good. Now it is one of my wife’s favorite movies and I enjoy it every once in a while.

  5. Its probably archer for me. I thought it always looked kinda dumb, I was expecting a basic rip of off south park or adult swim kind of content. Numerous friends recommended it to me, and I saw how much it was loved online so I gave it a go and now I just want more episodes.

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