One of the most wonderful bits of the ‘Supergirl’ pilot came in the continuity nod to her previous costumes, with Kara trying a crop top/hotpants/headband combo that homages THREE of her previous comic looks at the same time.  It was a wonderful moment, one that sent me into my back issue stacks to dig up her previous looks, including the unbelievably perfect 70s moment of bell sleeve-plunging neckline-fringy hotpants ensemble that somehow almost looks like it might work in real life.  (Not that *I’m* gonna wear it, but still…)  Indeed, if any old-school super-suit were going to come back, I’d vote either that one or Tenzil Kem’s baggy 90’s business-suit, leading to today’s runway-bound query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would love to have my ragged black acid-wash jean jacket with the band patches come back into style, even though it doesn’t fit any longer, asking: What Out Of Fashion bit of wardrobe (your own or a fictional character’s) do you most wish were en vogue again?


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  1. Bell sleeves. Open bells, closed-at-wrist bells, I just want them back. They look so elegant, and they can add an air of class & mystery to any costume.

  2. The classic “webbing” under the armpits of Spider-Man. Also Sub-Mariner’s costume from Super Villain Team-Up…which was similar to Black Bolt’s costume.

  3. Bowler hat and umbrella. Because, as a great man reminds us.. “Always keep your bowler on in times of stress, and a watchful eye open for diabolical masterminds.”

  4. I don’t know how to answer this. I don’t know the first thing about “in” fashion and always dress how I like, which often makes me look like I’m dressing like some incarnations of The Doctor would, or a “Harry Potter” wizard trying to blend in with Muggles.

    For heroic fashions, though, I miss some of the 90’s era straps and belts with pockets. It might not be aerodynamic, but it seems practical for keeping a variety of crime fighting items handy. Where do heroes keep everything in skin-tight spandex or leather suits? It isn’t like everyone has pocket dimensions in their costume’s pockets!

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