broke the story today that Build-A-Bear Workshops would now be featuring Wicket the Ewok as a build-ble character tapping into the Star Wars fever that seems to be invading all aspects of our culture.  The announcement came today hot on the heels of the Rogue One trailer.

“The 16″ plush (They’ve already been selling a 10” ready-made mini one) is available today on the website,, and will hit stores in the US and UK early next week. Of course, what’s inside counts with Build-A-Bear, and an Authentic Ewok sound chip can be added in for six sounds pulled right from the film.

“Wicket runs $28, with the sound chip an extra $7. They’re also running a two-for-$45 Star Wars plush promo on the site right now, so if you want to add to the collection with a Stormtrooper for Wicket to fight or Chewbacca for him to team up with, now’s the time.”

Who is already planning to rush out in a buying frenzy and pick up an Ewok of their very own?


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  1. Might have to snag one of these and put it away for my nephew’s birthday. We both got a BAB Chewbacca for Christmas, but they were just the plain doll and not with a chip or weapon or anything. Though they do have sales on the site quite often, so if I (or anyone else) can’t get one this time, it won’t be too long before another sale comes along that includes the Star Wars (or even the superhero) bears.

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