The Innernets are a curious and contradictory place.  Though the release of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ was only days ago, I’ve already been called a Marvel zombie (for worrying about the tone), a DC fanboy (for not thrashing it sight-unseen) and a hipster (though, admittedly, that was just Stephen.)  My official stance is “I hope those who want to love it can”, but I’m an *old* comics fan, so I know the only real question is: Who’d win?

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “crip-tun”) requests that we all stay like a crowd of little Fonzies and be cool and mutually respectful, asking: Team Clark or Team Bruce? (Please show your work while choosing sides!)


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  1. It really all depends. If we go to the basic less of each character. At least in the way I see it, superman intentionally holds back with people. When I see superman he goes so far as not to hurt them. Batman has no illusions on breaking limbs…

    To me that says a lot about how far each man will go. That being said If Bruce needs to be stopped it takes less effort to accomplish this. While the latter either means shiny rocks or critical thought.

  2. Neither yet. I haven’t seen the film so I don’t know how they are being portrayed.

    But I generally side with Superman. Not for the powers, but because of who he is at his core. He’s very much the product of his upbringing, and having grown up in a little farm town myself (and treated like an outcast due to my medical issues), I can relate to that much, much more than I can Bruce. His beliefs and his upbringing color practically every choice he makes, and I can understand his reasoning even if I don’t always agree with it.

  3. I’m definitely team Bruce. Admittedly I haven’t seen it yet so my opinion may change.

    I much prefer the dark, gritty image that batman has to that of superman which I’ve always thought was a bit stereotypical (although that makes sense with him being the OG superhero). Plus I love an underdog, which in this fight is obviously Bruce.

  4. Malone_hasco on

    I actually talked about this during Finally Friday, team Clark. My main reason to this is because I like the underdog. Yes, Superman is underdog in a fight against Batman. No, I’m not insane but my reasons are not in-universe: Batman is more popular and makes more money, so hes naturally the favorite in every situation hes in, because no power is stronger than popularity. Even professional writers are not immune to Bat-fanboyism, which makes him unbeatable, ultimate power in the universe.

  5. I choose: write something where the air quotes Heroes air quotes are being responsible adults and not smacking each other around like a spoiled 5 year old trying to get his truck back. At least the Suicide Squad and Deadpool are honest about the fact that their characters can be villains.
    Civil War is also pitting Hero vs. Hero.
    Can’t we get a frickin’ “Role Model” around here? I didn’t take my kid to see Man of Steel and probably won’t do that for either of these films because I don’t want him to believe that Heroes are villains or to even try to explain the issues in the film.
    I will see it to see if there is anything redeeming for him and because I want to see the start of the franchise. I am hoping that there is a new take and not just green screen on steroids with some face time to break up the CGI.

  6. I will always be Team Bruce, for the simple reason that Batman was the first comic book character to make a significant impression on me, thanks to the 1989 film.

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