Many of our favorite fictional protagonists are deeply flawed characters: The Punisher is a murderer many times over; Mal Reynolds and his crew are quite felonious; even the almighty Batman is often guilty of child endangerment.  Heck, pretty much everyone in the movie DC and Marvel Universes are jerks of the highest order what with all the neck-snapping, city-wrecking and nearly killing Pepper Potts-ing, which makes it very difficult to figure out whose sins weight the heaviest.  Is Dexter Morgan a worse person that King Louie?  Would Darkwing Duck’s short temper and questionable parenting be worse than the arrogance of Peter Venkman in the greater scheme of things?  It’s a tough call to make, but one that leads us to today’s anti-heroic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) totally understands Ted realizing he made a mistake with Victoria, but enabling her in fleeing her wedding was a total doucheketeer move, especially given how he reacted to his own earlier runaway bride, asking: What’s the worst thing ever done by a fictional protagonist you otherwise like?


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  1. Entire leader crew of Civil War Pro-registration side. Its pretty hard to root for facist regime with more crimes under their belt than I care to count. Typical full of themselves “geniuses” who see themselves fit to decide how everyone else should think and live, hiding their lack of morality behind “laws”.

    Whole story arc makes me physically sick if I think about it too much. I cant even begin to understand how anyone could support that bunch. I’m done with Iron Man probably forever or until they reboot Marvel Universe so that it never happened. Reed is in close second place of my prick list. I cant think any reason why anyone should listen to them anymore. Or how are they not in prison.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and say nobody really liked when superman killed Zod in Man of Steel. However the worst offense for me lately was when Oliver Queen went all league of assassin’s in Arrow season 3. Ugh!

  3. 1. Supes killing Zod
    2. Laura Ingalls paying Willie Olson off in marbles to act as her beau to make Henry jealous so he would ask her to the dance.
    3. When Jorden went into the men’s room while Mitch was peeing to check the sweater she knitted for him.
    4. Woody said he liked Veggie-Boy without trying it.

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