This morning, I awoke to a tiny little disaster: During the night, the cat had climbed up onto the entertainment center, sending a heavy glass tchotchke right down onto the Lego Millenium Falcon I built for my birthday.  This pretty much splintered the entire nose of the ship (the two wedge-shaped bits, which were a huge pain to assemble) and nearly resulted in a black-and-white tuxedo patterned afghan in the living room.  Fortunately, he’s too cute to skin and the pieces were just “separate” not “broken”, so I get to spend some time rebuilding the whole disaster, leading us to today’s apocalyptic-but-only-in-small-ways query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) was also very disappointed in my ‘Superman Returns’ remote-controlled Superman toy, which never flew worth a whelk in a super-nova, asking: What is your most memorable pop-culture related disaster?


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  1. I’m pretty sure Godzilla counts as disaster, right? Giant monster is almost every time more entertaining than your usual meteorites, floods, volcanoes and such.

    • Malone_hasco on

      Oh, of the ones that actually happened, losing my NES games when I moved from home. Every one of them had box and most had instructions too. Best of them go easily for 100+ bucks now and i had around 30 games.

  2. There was a box of valuable comics I had collected over the years that my step-mom decided to take down from the shelf in my bedroom, then left the door wide open. I came home from work to find over roughly $3000 of comics (and that is the generous low estimate as many were actually valued higher due to their condition) ripped to shreds and urinated on by her little dog. I was only able to salvage a select few from that box that he hadn’t ripped through the bags or otherwise destroyed.

    To make matters worse, she refuses to reimburse any of it or even simply apologize because she claims it was my own fault for wasting money on them in the first place.

      • Did just that. It would have been different if it were a genuine accident, but this woman went out of her way to make others miserable and this was only one incident in a looooong line of things she did to be spiteful. I’m not usually a petty person, but I can only turn the other cheek so many times. Even her own kids cut contact with her over her behavior.

  3. As a young Transfan in the 1980s, I received an awesome Cliffjumper toy that was yellow instead of red like on the cartoon. So, I made some red paint out of ink and white-out and repainted my Bumblejumper :(

  4. My father gave my son at the age of 3 my old Megatron gun from the 80’s show to play with.
    Not having a clue what to do, my kid naturally broke it. I still had all the pieces too.

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