Of all the silly arguments I’ve ever had (Hulk vs. Superman; Mary Ann or Ginger; Samantha Stevens or the cast of ‘Charmed’), the question of which hair color is quantifiably superior is perhaps the goofiest.  While a certain Canadian friend touts her crimson tresses, there’s no doubt that Fonzie’s dark hair works for him, and in the spirit of silly and spirited discussion, I think it behooves us to target today’s chromatic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, misquoted”) often leans towards “not platinum”, but that’s mostly my Emma Stone crush talking, asking: Which hair color might you prefer for an imaginary perfect paramour: Blonde Brunette or Red?


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  1. Of those choices offered, brunette. That isn’t saying blondes aren’t cute, and plenty of redheads are “YOWZA!” but I seem more drawn to ladies with darker hair.

    However, if we’re going for my IDEAL fantasy girl, she would literally be a “Fantasy” girl. She wouldn’t have hair, she would have lekku (head tails/tentacles for those who don’t know Star Wars lingo). Or she would have an “unnatural” hair color, like green or purple. My fantasy crushes are usually not human or are mutants or some other altered human. And one of my real life crushes always dyes her hair vibrant colors, so there is that too.

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