This week’s Major Spoilers  (the MSP to its friends) spent some time discussing the Gotham Academy/Lumberjanes crossover and the mash-up crossover intertwined universes culture that spawned it.  For my part, it’s good to see a story matching up characters and settings that are similar, especially after Star Trek crossed over with Doctor Who, Planet Of The Apes and Green Lantern.  (Not at once…  though that’d be pretty intense.)  Heck, one of my favorite issues of The Simpsons conic pulled off a one-universe multi-universe crossover, bringing three super-Barts (Bartman, Stretch Dude and Cupcake Kid) together, leading to today’s chocolate bacon kimchi cupcake (with mint frosting) query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) found Archie Vs. Punisher to be perfectly fine, seein’ as they’re both cartoons, asking: What mash-up. crossover or amalgamation of two properties is your favorite?

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Matthew Peterson

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  1. March 9, 2016 at 11:34 am — Reply

    Probably G.I. Joe & Transformers. They work quite well together. It makes sense that super military is called for action when giant robots start fighting on earth and super terrorists to try take advantage of it.

  2. March 9, 2016 at 12:22 pm — Reply

    Top of the list: The 80’s Marvel Universe that not only included Spider-Man meeting Transformers, but by extension included G.I. Joe, Doctor Who, Micronauts and a few other properties existing in the Marvel U proper to some degree or other. Some had direct interactions with the Marvel U, some only had indirect associations, but it was very fun when one franchise was involved with or mentioned in another.

    For specific crossovers, one of my favorites was always the split up Issue 13 of the original Gen 13 run where Grunge met (though only in a crazy dream) several completely unrelated comic characters, including the Archie gang, Fone Bone, Francine and Katchoo (from “Strangers in Paradise”) and even Wolverine. It was an amusing story then, and it still makes me laugh now.

    I’m also partial to Spider-Boy from Amalgam. Back in the DC vs Marvel days, I was a huge fan of Superboy, and Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite characters of all-time, so I enjoyed the mashup quite a bit.

  3. DamienR
    March 9, 2016 at 1:49 pm — Reply

    There have been so many, and yes the entire Amalgam Universe was a fun read, but..

    an Honorable mention to the second Batman/Punisher crossover, with Castle in Gotham now facing Bruce instead of Azrael. And noticing.

    My favourite, cause I’m a sucker for a good P.I story, would be First Comics ‘The P.I.s’ limited sries, where Ms. (Mike) Tree teamed up with Michael (Mike) Mauser to crack a case, and while at a comics convention they run into Mike Myst!

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