I’ve been spending a fair amount of time revisiting the Netflix Daredevil series in anticipation of the new season arriving on March 18th. While pondering what makes the show work, and why I want to see more, it made me wonder about other Marvel properties.

While I don’t want to see a mini-series revolving around Captain America or Iron Man – those clearly belong on the big screen – my mind kept drifting back to Marvel’s Man Man… Spider-Man. On the big screen, Spider-Man keeps getting the reboot every five to ten years to the point seeing a movie is no longer has that feeling of excitable anticipation. But a Spider-man series on Netflix? One that can get a little more aggressive? One that can feature the trials and tribulations of a hero that needs more than two hours to grow and develop?  A twelve (or more) season that allows the villains to grow naturally? I’m all in for that.

What about you?


Would you rather have Spider-Man movies or Netflix series? (Comment)

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  1. After the success of the other Marvel series on the Netflix. I think they could do a good job of bringing Spider-Man to an episodic venue. Looking at the success of the Spider-Man cartoons, I think if they followed that style (breaking the fourth wall, good stories, swapping in and out Heroes and Villains) it would appeal to multiple ages of viewers.

  2. The Superhero Movie club, while getting a huge rated R resurgence with Deadpool, is starting to feel stagnant, with the current trend of going more grown-up, something like Spiderman, with it’s youthful feel may be a step in the wrong direction, not to mention that it has been done to death.

    The Netflix series of shows, however, are a fresh and revitalizing approach for marvel, still, and would be able to tell a deeper, richer story than a single film could do, and an Iconic character like Spiderman deserves that treatment.

  3. I think a series would allow for more exploration of the characters. A movie has to condense things to get to the action, but a series could explore more depth of the characters without sacrificing the occasional fighty-fighty scenes. Peter’s struggle in the early days as Spidey, balancing his sense of responsibility and overcoming his guilt over Uncle Ben, his learning on the job and his life as Peter Parker would be fertile ground for several seasons of stories, and that doesn’t even include what the other characters (heroes, villains and civvies alike) bring to the table.

    Plus, I believe Spider-Man would be a lighter series compared to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and would be something I can watch with the young’uns without too much worry. You can have plenty of depth and drama without being too dark or “too adult”.

  4. Movies- while an ongoing series would be great for the character side of Peter Parker, I think a netflix series would lack the special effects budget to properly support the webslinger.

  5. I would rather nit watch another SpiderMan show at all. There has been too many already. Would rather see a different hero than suffer through another SpiderMan production.

  6. Malone_hasco on

    Definitely series. I want well told stories and character development. I’ve seen pretty special effects and explosions hundreds of times, at some point, they got old.

  7. Spider-Man doesn’t need to be as gritty as the marvel Netflix series. It would do better on a channel like the CW. In the similar vein as smallville. Some of the best Spider-Man stories are more like an Archie book, focusing on Peter and his problems.

  8. Loudmouth Takashi Miike on

    For Spider-Man, multiple concurrent TV series. Spider-Man used to have multiple titles where (hopefully) there was a reason for them.

    It would be nice to have the Web of Spider-Man series where Spidey travels around meets the unexpected.

    It would be nice to have the eerie Spider-Man series. This could include the lovey-dovey aspects of Spider-Man and Black Cat, or something similar to Kraven’s Last Hunt.

    The team-up TV series might not be possible. Too costy and too difficult for viewers to kept track of.

    It would not matter if Peter or Miles or whoever is recasted per TV series or per season of TV series. Let’s have as much live action Spider-Man as we can.

  9. Netflix has done such a great job with the other properties, I think they could do an equally one for Spiderman. Hopefully one that goes much deeper into his mythos than the standard movie fare.

  10. Daniel Langsdale on

    Spider-man really brought the soap-opera serial drama to comic book super-heroes, so naturally a serialized TV series would be able to develop his story better than occasional 2 1/2 hour adventure romps can.

  11. I think having a series would allow things to be less rushed.. more exploratory. we could see ALL THE THINGS!! and still not do an origin story

  12. I’ve never been a huge Spidey fan, so I’m voting for movies. As I am much more likely to enjoy a single, larger outing every now and then over a continuous ongoing series for the Web-slinger.

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