Over the years, our fictional heroes have developed more rounded personalities and varied motivations, but this has led to moments of conflict as well.  In fact, some of our crusading pals even caused enough friction to get themselves fired…  Welcome to Ten Things!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’, and Headmaster Severus Snape, Presents:




During the events of the Crisis On Infinite Earths waaaay back in 1986, Hank Hall’s brother Don was killed.  This was a problem, as Don also served as his balancing force and partner, The Dove.  This led Hank (who, it was discovered at about the same time, was empowered by an agent of chaos) to spiral out of control, dealing with criminals in more and more brutal ways.  His anger and violence led to alienation from his Teen Titans associates, leading him to be drummed out of their ranks.  Fortunately, not long afterward, a new Dove arrived to balance out the homicidal tendencies and keep Hank in check.




Long after the aforementioned Crisis wiped out the future history of the Legion of Super-Heroes (or at least, the originals, as two different teams from alternate realities showed up in the ensuing years), the original LSH was returned to DC Universe continuity, including Yera Allon, wife of Colossal Boy, as the hero called Chameleon Girl.  This, however, was Yera’s second turn in the ranks of the Legion, as some years earlier, she infiltrated the team by posing as Shrinking Violet, in league with radicals from Violet’s home planet.  Yera was quickly thrown off the team when the impersonation was discovered, but maintained the relationship with Gim “Colossal Boy” Allon that she cultivated in her false identity, eventually marrying him then gaining a Legion membership of her own.




Initially part of Henry Bendix’ grandiose plan to use the Stormwatch hero team to build ‘a finer world,’ Rose Tattoo provided the Stormwatch team with the benefit of her only super-power: Swift and murderous violence.  During a conflict with another group of heroes (the events of which led to the dissolution of Stormwatch and the formation of The Authority from some of its members) Rose Tattoo killed a surrendering antagonist who was trying to negotiate peace.  Her expulsion from Stormwatch came in the form of Jack Hawksmoor snapping her neck, which is entirely in keeping with the Stormwatch/Authority comics of the day…




Helena Bertinelli was initially not trusted or supported by The Batman, who actively campaigned against her initial activities in Gotham.  Eventually, Helena brought the Dark Knight around to see her as a valued ally, even supporting her for membership in the Justice League Of America during their early Watchtower years.  Once on the team, though, The Huntress attempted to kill Prometheus in cold blood, forcing Batman to protect the villain against her, leading Helena to resign from the JLA in disgrace…




The most powerful member of The Seven Guns, heroes of the limited series ‘Black Summer,’ John Horus goes a step too far when he lets his frustrations with the activities of the President lead him to murder the man and his cabinet in the Oval Office.  (Somewhat amazingly, the Presiden named in the text was the *actual sitting President* at the time, in the real world.)  The Seven Guns quickly eject him from their ranks, and the remaining members of the team had to mobilize and try to bring their former friend to justice.  (It doesn’t end well, for any of them.)




A founding member of both The Avengers and the West Coast Avengers (although his fellow Iron Man James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes participated in the team’s first mission in his stead), Anthony “Iron Man” Stark is a key member of the team.  Some years ago, he discovered that his technology had been pirated by his enemy Justin Hammer and used to enhance the armors of dozens of super-villains, leading him fighting “Armor Wars” to reclaim his tech.  That mission left one villain dead at his hands, the Federal Government’s Guardsman program devastated, Captain America against him and more, leading the Avengers to eject him from their ranks.  Stark faked his own death soon after, returning to the WCA fold in his next armor and pretending to be an entirely new Iron Man, but his colleagues (and the readers) all knew the truth…




In a future where Earth was under attack by the alien Horde, Louis Armanetti volunteered for the Morituri program, which gave him superhuman powers (that would eventually lead to his death.)  Frightened by the idea of his own mortality, Louis briefly considered betraying his comrades to The Horde in return for a cure, eventually being used by the Horde as a political pawn.  Returning to his teammates, Radian attempted to explain that there was no cure, only to be cut down by his teammate Shear as an unofficial ejection from the ranks of the Morituri…




Perhaps the greatest X-Man of all, at least in my inauspicious opinion, Calvin Rankin was brought in by Professor X to lead the team during a crisis of confidence by field leader Cyclops.  The arrogance borne of his ability to have any ability he needed led to nothing but strife and conflict (who both, I believe, later became X-Men villains) and unexpectedly solidifying the bonds between the five original X-Men.  After a battle with the Super-Adaptoid left him powerless, Cal was expelled from the X-Men and left to his own devices, a little bit wiser for the journey.  He has sporadically appeared in the X-Men books ever since…




Joining the Legion Of Super-Heroes early in its history (the original history, for those who wonder), Thom Kallor served honorably, even striking up a romance with fellow Legionnaire Dream Girl.  During the course of a mission, Star Boy’s actions led to the death of her ex, one Kenz Nuhor, leading to his expulsion from the Legion’s ranks.  Star Boy and Dream Girl joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes, and eventually returned to Legion membership under the aliases of ‘Sir Prise’ and ‘Miss Terious.’  Both heroes eventually regained team membership in their original superhuman guises, thanks to the efforts of Superboy…




The tragic tale of El Hombre could serve as a cautionary warning for all heroes.  As a local hero in Los Angeles, he fought for the people in the streets, eventually coming to the attention of the Honor Guard.  Accepted into their ranks, he found himself accused of selling out by the people of his city, while the general public disdained him.  Having discovered that he was the least popular member of the Guard (and worse, that he was shallow enough to care that he was), he engineered a crisis with the assistance of a villain, only to get double-crossed by the bad guy.  The robot he meant to defeat destroyed a huge swath of Los Angeles, causing massive property damage, and leading to El Hombre’s expulsion from the ranks of the Honor Guard…

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