The latest issue of Astro City features the return of Steeljack, now a private eye handling the down-and-out cases that most of A.C.’s big names won’t touch.  It’s a really fun story, and one that reminds me how much fun the seedy P.I. scraping by trope really is.  The recent Fraction/Aja/Wu run on ‘Hawkeye’ touched on this, especially the Kate Bishop portions, which traded heavily on bit of Rockford Files, playing with the toys of noir and Raymond Chandler, and leading us to today’s investigatory query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “sh-far-day”) knows where Major Spoilers EIC Stephen is going to fall on this, but still has a love and affection for Peter Falk as ‘Columbo,’ where the story starts with us KNOWING who commited the murder and the fun is seeing how they will confess, asking: Who’s your favorite private eye type in all pop culture?


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  1. Since you went with P.I. (which leaves out: ‘Police’ – Columbo, ‘Amateur’ – Rick Castle / Hercule Poirot / Sherlock Holmes), then while showing much love for Rick and AJ Simon, Jim Rockford, E.L. “Tenspeed” Turner & Lionel “Brownshoe” Whitney, Joe Mannix, and any combination of Sabrina, Jill, Kelly and/or Kris, I’ll have to throw in my vote for Thomas Magnum!

  2. Daniel Langsdale on

    Jupiter Jones, erstwhile First Investigator of the Three Investigators of Rocky Beach, CA. His initiative, brains, self-confidence and perseverance form the heart of a winning team.

  3. Loudmouth Takashi Miike on

    Rex Stout’s Archie Goodwin. When he leaves the office, he is a semi-light-hearted PI. But in the office, he is just such a thorn in his boss’ side.

  4. I am a huge fan of Thomas Sullivan Magnum III. He has the toys and tropical locale but none of the money and still has to haggle and hustle to get by. On occasion he even needs to use unscrupulous methods to get some basic needs away from Higgins.

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